Adidas use augmented reality technology to sell its shoes, sports

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Game Pokemon Go is an excellent example of how to use augmented reality technology in games, but companies such as Adidas hopes to use this technology to help sell its shoes, sports, note that some of these shoes be available in limited numbers so that it is very difficult to get.

The company providing the idea about how to use augmented reality technology during the ComplexCon which was held in the previous weekend. Those who want to buy a pair of shoes Adidas sports they can download the application ComplexCon. Will the app then notifies users through push notifications when those athletic shoes available for purchase, and users need to determine the location of a Beacon ( Beacon ) in order to open the ” Unlock The Drop ” by directing their camera to indicate that based on augmented reality, and follow the instructions to get to the point of purchase.

Once you purchase, customers can access a private locker in the ComplexCon to assemble their purchases, thus obviating the need for having to stand in line or deal with the employees, which will continue in accordance with the terms Adidas a lot of time for the customers. As we said, the task of buying the new sports shoes which are very popular may be very difficult, as these events are usually filled with persons who resell the products value at higher prices for profit fast which makes it almost impossible for ordinary people to buy the shoe unless they are engaged for the payment of the price of the largest.

Earlier this year, the company has Adidas updated their application to allow customers to book sports shoes more easily, but now it seems that the use of augmented reality can be another way for customers to make purchases.


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