Adidas and Nike provided the jerseys of your favorite and participate in the World Cup

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Used all of my company’s Adidas and Nike application Bitmoji, a special design of Avatar knowledge about the shape of the user, in order to enable football fans during this summer of fashion wear favorite sports during the course of the World Cup, which will be launched soon.

Starting from today, will allow football fans around the world through the use of them to develop Bitmoji chance to wear the shirt of the Saudi White from Nike, or the shirt of the Brazilian yellow from Nike, or the shirt of the German national team, the defending champion, Adidas and did not stop the two companies at this point, where by the Adidas company to provide shirts a wide range of occasions involved, such as Egypt, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Russia, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Japan, while will in turn Nike shirts England, Poland, Portugal, Croatia, France, Nigeria, Australia, and South Korea.

Once that’s done update the Bitmoji, you will the user can pick the shirt favorite sports and the participation of Bitmoji look sports with friends in any place, where you can use them on snapchat via posters lenses Bitmoji en three-dimensional, coupled with the portability to do it on both Google Chrome and Google extensions and control panel of Android devices and IOS, can also save a Bitmoji state sports and use it as normal.

In this framework, commented by Black, the developer of the app Bitmoji: “will be the passion of football fans to their highest levels during these coming months, and on this occasion to give them creative ways and new to show and share this passion with others, today Pat, they can choose between hundreds of electronic images, holographic to express how much they love their teams and sports and share them with friends.

Adidas and Nike provided the jerseys of your favorite and participate in the World Cup

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