Addiction Fortnite, forcing parents to rehabilitate their children

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إدمان Fortnite يجبر الآباء على إعادة تأهيل أطفالهم

Still suffering any level with the biggest video game in the world vortex I Fortnite, which centered the idea about shooting You unarmed and with up to 99 players trying to kill you, so refer a family to that of her son 17-year-old knows this game for 12 hours a day, looking for weapons and resources, includes teachers sleep in the classroom and lower grades, she told the family: “we’ve made some progress in making it lowers the number of hours played for the game Fortnite and get a better sleep, but he soon returned to his old habits. We haven’t seen ever a game that has such control over the minds of children”.

The repeated concern of this family by thousands of parents, teachers, bosses, and others around the world who are grappling with the game fill up the hours of time players at the expense of other activities in some cases, where a record of more than 200 million people to play a game Fortnite, which became generate billions of dollars to buy Epic Games Inc developer of the game, resorted to some desperate parents to send their children for rehabilitation.

Said Lauren Maria Lorrine Marer, specialized British in authority working with children who are trying to fight the addiction to the game: “this game is like heroin, because once you are hooked, it is hard to quit”, and issued company Epic previous warnings about avoiding scammers across Fortnite, but she refrained from commenting on the issue of addiction.

And don’t think the issue of addiction to video games New, where parents and teachers remember the children dispersed addicted to video games since the days of the Atari Platform Atari, but having a game Fortnite everywhere showed a threat more prevalent, it is associated with the emergence of the risk of a wider about the excessive use of social media and smart phones.

Stimulation of separation

Don’t cause the game Fortnite Battle Royale, which was released for the first time in September 2017, in the problems of only children, where the divorce services online in the UK the 200 petition had mentioned the game Fortnite and other video games this year is cause of the disintegration of marriages and the separation between the families.

As regards the professional athletes to the risk of addiction also, as the team faced the Vancouver Canucks the Vancouver Canucks of the National Hockey League a lot of trouble convincing players to attend the meeting and dinner because of the play of Fournier.

It was David Bryce David Price, the star of the Boston Red Sox Boston Red Sox case for the title of World Championship in the baseball tournament, you might stay away from playing against the New York Yankees New York Yankees at the beginning of the month of May due to problems in the wrist aggravated by playing the game Fortnite.

Some professional baseball players of Mania game Fortnite so they moved the game to display the system video jumbotron or Jumbovision is normally used in sports arenas to show close-up shots of an event.

Saw Randy Coleman Randy Kulman, World Psychiatry in Wakefield Wakefield, the increase in parents who bring their children to him to take advice because of the addiction to the video game.

Three hundred triumph

Dr. Randy Coleman: “it has in place a child 13-year-old said he got three hundred triumph in the vortex, I had to stop talking to him for a minute and calculate the time it took to achieve those victories,” while the said Michael Jacobus Michael Jacobus, who works with children who suffer from addiction to video games, that about 60 percent of children 120 who gave them advice and consultancy in the camps in Santa Barbara, California active North Carolina during the past summer they were playing Fortnite excessively.

Treatment includes a period of time to remove toxins technology, where it is to get rid of their devices, with the provision of eating and sleeping healthy treatment group, relieves Michael Jacobus in the next summer to work with more than twice the number of children by adding locations in Texas, Indiana and New York, includes Cam run Cam Adair, who came out of high school at age 15 due to his addiction to video games and is now talking about this topic in the schools and other groups, to that Fortnite is particularly compelling given that the version of Battle Royale is free to play and available on a range of devices from phones to gaming platforms, Where the players Fortnite in battles consisting of 100 people, should one person hold out to the end, and it is hard to quit this as soon as it launched.

World War II

Said Cam run: “It’s the Second World War, so that if you ask a parent of a son come over for dinner, that means he’s lost”, although the game is free, it has created a company Epic opportunity to get hundreds of dollars worth of plugins, including Exotic weapons and soldiers like Dark Voyager, which is about a space suit with black reflective strip, through the purchase through the credit cards within the game, The company has entered recently into a partnership with the National Football League or the National Football League to sell T-shirts worn by sports teams commonly as part of the team uniform in team colors, often with the number required and the player is optional on the back.

Said Lauren Maria Lorrine Marer, specialized in British goods, which works with children who are trying to fight the addiction to the game: “I’ve lost parents large sums of through lack of attention to whether their credit card is linked to games”, where the company has benefited Epic from the popular game Fortnite during the month of October through the collection of $ 1.25 million from the group of investors that included KKR & Co. and Vulcan Capital, Kleiner Perkins.

Grand Theft Auto

Born video games previously violent reactions, where the know the game series The Grand Theft Auto produced by the company Take-Two Interactive ban in some countries around the world because of violence and extreme content, is not appropriate, as it provoked the industry criticism after the mass shootings that included individuals associated with video games.

Issued product to the Dutch games in the month of April the study reports that the effect of “box of loot” Loot box, where the players are commodities in the game without knowing what they get exactly, up to the extent of gambling can be addictive, and is considered a game Fortnite at the current time the game chosen by the Assembly, as formed in the one day game most-watched on the service Twitch from Amazon with 250 thousand people watching other people play.

The World Health Organization has the classification of the disorder the games as for the first time in the month of June, a move that could make it easier for parents to obtain compensation for treatment costs from insurance companies, according to Paul covers Paul Weigle, a child psychiatrist in Mansfield Center, Connecticut, provides covers, which saw about 20 players addicted to Fortnite, that the parents keep the children under the age of 10 years away from playing video games, and that parents must set limits when you play, He considers that the issue of addiction grows, the more games have become more sophisticated in their ability to attract fans.

The gate Arab News Technical addiction Fortnite, forcing parents to rehabilitate their children

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