Add reduce the consumption of Chrome browser and Firefox Ram

Know Google Chrome consumption intensive RAM on the senses, thus affecting the speed and performance of the device especially when you open tabs at the same time, which are also common to focus.

Add One Tab stop in your store, Chrome and Firefox, and the reduction of consumption of browser memory and modify distracting the user.

Add One Tab
Google Chrome | Fire Fox

If you browse several tabs at the same time, the clicking on the add converts all tabs to the elements of a list in tab one, where you can click on any element from the list to re-open the tab again.

Developers say that the addendum help in saving up to 95% of the consumption of the web browsers memory random; and knowing that these women depended on the number of tabs that you think keeping them open at the same time.

Interesting also that the addendum facilitate the participation of all the links tabs at once with friends via the button “Share as web page”, as you keep on tabs in case you want to go back to the group of tabs later.

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