Adam white: large investors will give impetus to the growth of the stock market

In an interview with CNBC Vice-President of Coinbase’s Adam white noted that institutional investors help kriptonyte to grow. For 2017 year, white has received dozens of requests and offers from large investment funds.

Time to invest in Bitcoin

We will remind, last Friday, Coinbase has added support for five new cryptocurrency: Cardano, Basic Token Attention, Stellar, zcash for and 0x. After the announcement of listing all the coins have increased in value. White argued the event is very simple.

The strategy of adding new asset is simple: our users want and we carry out their wishes.

However, at the moment, trade has not yet begun. It is not clear whether these coins are recognized in securities that want SEC. Now Coinbase lets you buy or sell all four of the asset. While white sees no reason for haste.

We look forward to success in the long term. Our team focus on developing an exchange, wallet and new services to large investors.

The latter, according to white, may be the main reason for following the price rally of Bitcoin. However, not all analysts support the optimism of Vice-President of Coinbase. Well-known investor Kevin O’leary believes in a further fall in the prices of the main cryptocurrency.

You will not invest a penny in an asset which is not studied thoroughly. Below in the crypt invested huge capital, it must become more transparent and stable. Only then will you see real money. Until then, it’s still dust.

White was quick to notice that positive changes in the industry will not occur overnight.

These are things to work on Coinbase. We believe that large investors do need more clarity from financial regulators.

At the moment Bitcoin is trading at $ 6705. The last noticeable pump cryptocurrency occurred against the backdrop of news of interest BlackRock the largest Fund in the stock market.


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