Ad blocker Chrome the next will be only 17% of ads

Scheduled for release Google a new version of the Chrome browser in the month of February next, will have a built-in tool to prevent many of the annoying ads from appearing on various websites while browsing. In the meantime the company has released developer tool for blocking ads famous browsers Adblock Plus a statement saying that the AD blocker on Chrome browser will be only 17% of ads. You probably won’t have the tool Chrome new confidence of users who don’t want to see ads while browsing different websites where would the browser accounted for 83% of the ads, including ads which may be viewed by a normal user annoying by a police statement mentioned. Will filter Google, for example, with ads as long as they don’t interfere with the text of the article will prevent pop-up ads that don’t let you skip the AD in the course, on the other hand, tool Adblock Plus for comparison are much more stringent with ads and prevent the emergence of various forms in addition to pop-ups. Recall that there are more than two million users to the Chrome browser by desktop and mobile, and if you decide users download to tool Google to block ads built into the browser, you will encounter the tool ed block plus a significant decline in use.

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