Ad blocker browser Chrome will not prevent all advertising

Instead of dealing with add-ons blocking ads on Chrome browser, I decided to Google to come up with a tool built into the browser do the job.

Tool Google is not to block ads entirely, but to provide a browsing experience with unobtrusive ads, since ads are an important revenue source for the company.

Google has launched a tool for blocking ads last year in all of America, Canada, Europe, and to teach her the beginning of July 9, 2019, but what are the ads that will be blocked?

Google identified 8 types of annoying ads will be filtered, 4 of which show user’s phones and desktop and they are: pop-ups, and ads that impose themselves with a countdown before the presentation of the site, which run the video or audio automatically, which occupy a big space of the screen.

And 4 other disturbing phone users: which takes more than 30% of the area of the screen, and animations that disappear and appear, which imposed itself by the width of the site, which have the screen and drag across it.

Says Google, “if two-thirds of the publishers violators by 2019 they comply with the rules of advertising since the first of January, and that out of the millions of sites that the review did not describe the only ads 1% of them”.

Anyway, will add-ons blocking ads from third-party available Store Chrome for those who don’t like tool to Google, but as usual you may not use the services of some of the sites only by modifying the addendum.

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