Acne Buterin talked about their investment and all sources of income

Yesterday Vitaly Buterin dedicated to Reddite a thread answering the most common questions (AMA) users. Co-founder of Ethereum , spoke about his investments in the crypt, revealed a few additional sources of income and shared “inner kitchen” Ethereum Foundation.

It turns out that as a true follower of his craft, Buterin invests a lion’s share of their money into Ethereum. Bitcoin and other altcoins is less than a tenth of his criptoportico.

Money Vitalik

From the side it would look strange if one of the key figures in the cryptocurrency ecosystem is not doing her bet. Therefore, more than 90 percent of digital assets Vitalik Buterin is stored in the Ethereum. The following investments are Bitcoin, Cash Bitcoin, Dogecoin and zcash for. Just a small part Vitalik decided to invest in Kyber, OmiseGo, Maker and Augur.

In addition to crypts have Buterin is “a significant proportion of shares” in the research firm Clearmatics and blockchain startups Starkwave. Note that the last command is developing a technology proof with zero resolution, an ardent supporter of which is acne.

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The third source of income is money for the implementation of the role of the adviser in several cryptoprocta. In AMA co-founder of Ethereum even shared quite specific figures and disclosed his earnings on this article. While Buterin not always pursues commercial interests and involved in some blockchain startups just for the sake of their development. Work closely with it team L4, Plasma Group, EthGlobal and EDCON.

Source: Coindesk

Finally, to believe Vitalik listen to experts in communities outside the crypt. Unfortunately, there was little he talked about his dealings with “professional circles in cryptography and Economics.” More details can be discussed in our cryptodata.



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