Acne Buterin: incorrect application of the blockchain is a waste of time

Yesterday in an interview with Quartz co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin stated that improper use of the blockchain leads to a “waste of time”. “Push” the block chain in any industry is not necessary, even if in this way companies try to raise the standard of services in the market. This applies particularly to IBM — the technology giant should not spend forces for the introduction of the blockchain to track food.

Why do we need the blockchain

It turns out that new technology should be applied only in needed for this spheres.

Sometimes the blockchain to implement marketing hype. The thing in human nature. People are just too addicted to the new technology and trying to spread it everywhere.

According to Buterin, blockchain is better to apply in crypto-currencies and payment systems.

Any other ideas, whether it be production of goods or identification of something, still need to work out because we don’t know yet if we need the blockchain at all.

But what exactly is not you need to do is to build a proprietary blackany inside large corporations. This is now closely involved in IBM, so he took the opportunity to criticize the strategy of the management of the company. This idea has potential, but acne is not sure if the company successfully implement its plans.

I don’t understand the meaning of these actions. For me it’s something like “Hey, we own all IP and this is our platform, so you’re going to use it.” There is no benefit.

Image source — Bitcoinist

But the prospect of using the blockchain in their studies acne like. We will remind, earlier the Ministry of education Malaysia has announced the approval of the University consortium, which will deal with fake diplomas using the blockchain. Even more interesting about the new technologies you can find in our cryptodata.


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