Acne Buterin: I lose faith in humanity, if Tron will bypass the Ethereum

The Creator of Ethereum , Vitalik Buterin talked about the problems of different blockchains in an interview with Laura Shin in its programme Unchained. Earlier, he explained why it believes the high price of Broadcast advantage of, and simple holders. This time he talked about the main competitor of their project, and in a rather abrupt manner.

Who doesn’t like acne Buterin

The main question to the Creator of Ethereum — whether he thinks that his cryptocurrency may soon lose the status in the stock market? Especially in light of the development of projects by type of Polkadot. Acne noticed that the developers of many projects in their early days was very optimistic about his future.

In other words, “kill the Ethereum” hardly anyone can. Buterin not experiencing any discomfort or fear of “potential competitors”. Maybe it’s all in the beginnings of these projects?

Yes, it’s true. Vitalik admitted that Ethereum Foundation very friendly relations with zcash for teams and even Ethereum Classic. But Tron has a serious claim and he does not see this cryptocurrency in place of Ethereum in the future. Even if such a scenario would materialize, he would have “lost a significant portion of faith in humanity”.

CEO Tron Justin San showed on Twitter a tribute to the Creator of the second largest cryptocurrency market.

When Tron will succeed, we will dedicate a monument in memory of Ethereum! Vitalik Buterin will never forget his contribution to the blockchain-industry!

Finally, the “most promising competitor” of the Ether can be Dfinity. According to Buterin, that this blockchain is more likely to win over a large share of users.

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