Acne Buterin: cryptocurrency and Fiat do not compete with each other

As cryptocurrencies become more widespread, there have been suggestions that over time they will darken Fiat currency from Central banks. However, according to Vitalik Buterin, the current relationship between cryptocurrency and Fiat is coexistence, not competition. Is it possible a joint appeal of the Fiat and cryptocurrency?

Recall that the Creator of Ethereum from the start was a staunch opponent of centralized systems and always criticized them. In July, during his speech at the TechCrunch Blockchain Sessions in Zug he said that he sees no future for centralized kryptomere and in addition wished them “burn in hell”.

About the rapid collapse of the stock market Buterin explained that the industry was overheated and now bubble a little blown away. The first serious fluctuations led to panic, which is characteristic of human nature. People began feverishly to sell cryptocurrency. While Buterin believes that blockchain technology has practical value, and therefore, it is certain in its effectiveness.

Back in October of last year, he explained why are not afraid of competition from Central banks. The latter simply is unlikely to release its own digital currency, which could displace Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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Writes Coingape, the changing position Buterin provoked many interesting debates, as it is already far not the first who stutters on the coexistence of Fiat to the crypt.

For example, at the beginning of 2017, the Central Bank of South Korea also expressed a similar idea. Since then, many experts, regulators and analysts repeatedly raised the theme of “peace” between Fiat currencies and cryptocurrency. Which scenario can be considered the most viable — is not clear. You can always Express your opinion on the matter in our cryptodata.

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