Acicam don’t belong here: Hasrat Monero fell after hard forks coins

According to Bitinfocharts, Hasrat Monero has fallen seriously, after a hard forks cryptocurrencies. Community coins celebrated the event as the first significant victory against ASIC mining, reports AMBCrypto.

What will happen with Monero

We will remind, on April 6 held hardwork cryptocurrencies, all of whom received three separate coins: Original Monero, Monero and Monero Classic V. Division circuit blocks was the result of concern about the centralization project.

The main culprit of the event became the largest manufacturer of equipment for mining Bitmain. The company has previously issued ASIC miner Antminer X3 for mining, Monero. The developer of the cryptocurrency Ricardo Spagni statedthat it will “do everything possible” to resist ASIC mining.

Moreover, in April Bitmain used their asik for mining Monero. Then more than 50 percent Hasrat cryptocurrency had on company equipment.

In order to avoid such cases, team coins has released an update Anti-ASIC Hard Fork (AAHF), which changed the hashing algorithm. Now to mine Monero with Asimov unprofitable.

The fork did not affect the value of the cryptocurrency. ASIC mining is the way to nowhere, as he attaches importance to the crypt. Video cards have superiority over usikami because of the possibility to adapt to almost any new algorithm. If the coin will pass through several forks, mining on Asilah will be useless.

Due to its anonymity Monero remains a popular payment tool for hackers. Cryptocurrency is most often used for covert mining, so it is very important to protect yourself from the threat of fraud.


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