Acer reveal helmet mixed reality Acer OJO 500 in IFA 2018


There are virtual reality and augmented reality, and even now we have seen many companies trying to develop software and create devices that are based on both technologies. There are, however, a subset also know actually mixed Microsoft was behind her with a helmet HoloLens.

If you are of people who are looking to explore more of the mixed reality, it may be interested to know that Acer has today slide the curtain officially on the helmet actually mixed his own under the name of Acer OJO 500 in IFA 2018 currently held in the capital, Berlin. And Acer was one of the first few companies that have managed to access the Microsoft platform of reality mixed, however Acer OJO 500 is not in fact the first of its kind.

However, thighs Acer OJO 500 new comes with some improvements compared to its predecessor, can also be separated, which means that the task of storage and cleaned will be easier. Furthermore, it has speakers integrated sound is routed to the ears of the wearer allowing the user to hear what surrounds it.


Used helmet for Acer OJO 500 also a pair of LCD screens adult size 2.89 inches note that these screens have accurately 1440×2880 pixels at a rate of update reaches 90Hz. Generally, the company Acer is pricing this helmet New at about $ 399 USD, and will be available for purchase in the month of November, but is also expected to be launched with the accessories and options such as hands motion control, and touch panel, and other accessories.

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