Acer reveal a range of devices ConceptD possible targeting the creators

Made Acer in its recent plan produced representative of the devices ConceptD new specially designed building, where all of your ConceptD 9 and ConceptD7 and also ConceptD 5.

ConceptD 9

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Come new devices from Acer in the series ConceptD to assess new development in the design of the Lido are the perfect creators and professionals in video editing, or use the illustration.

And Acer the first version ConceptD 9 to support the creators in drawing, graphics designs, 3D, screen mobile size of 17.3 inch, 4K, mounted on a Ezel Aero that appeared in the design of the gaming device Predator Triton 900, it also comes with a pen the Wacom pen built.

And you ConceptD 9 the design of the gaming devices that include the configuration of the representative of the ninth generation of processors Intel Core i9, with random memory 32 GB RAM, with Realtek screen RTX 2080, and often in storage capacity of between 512 GB or 1 TB in capacity NVMe SSD.

ConceptD 7

Also comes version the younger ConceptD 7 screen 15.6 inch screen with 4K resolution, the specification is relatively lower, where the chip Core i7 of the ninth generation of Intel chips, with Realtek screen RTX 2080 Max-Q or RTX 2060, also comes to design computers traditional, so don’t featuring animated screen possible for your ConceptD 9.

Acer ConceptD 5

Also offering Acer device ConceptD 5 is the least in specifications in the production line ConceptD however, one of the versions of Acer possible also, where applicable, a 15.6-inch 4K resolution, but it boasts a second generation Intel Core i7 or Core i5 processor, it also features AMD Radeon RX Vega M, with Ram between 8 to 16 GB RAM, and a storage capacity between 256 to 512 GB, with the top model with a capacity of 1 terabyte, and computer ConceptD 5 smaller and thinner versions of the three organs of the ConceptD.


I know of

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