acer issue laptop Chromebook 11 CB311 smaller

The company acer announced Chromebook 11 CB311 a computer that would be smaller than any other computers have been released from the company.

Confirmed by the spokesperson on behalf of the company acer on they they will provide a new computer in the year 2018, specifically in the month of March next, so you will be in a formal conference to announce a new deal which will the new computer. We will address this topic page and specifications that are expected to be announced in the month of March next, when issuing the new computer from the company.

Chromebook 11 CB311

Specifications computer the Chromebook 11 CB311 new

Although a spokesman for the company, acer said that the version official on your computer, you will be in the month of March of 2018, but the company has not reduced the specifications which will the computer the new absolute, complete, which will we know its you in is coming from brief to be able to the reader the work of comparison between the computer and types the oldest.

  • Updated computer Chromebook 11 CB311 up to a continuous working period of almost 10 hours.
  • No need for a new computer on special fan Process Cooling this is what is announced from the speaker company acer for version new computer, where the consequent to be the work of the computer calm down in terms of image in dealing with users where it’s easy to do campaign micro-computer The size of a trade, without any practical inconvenience as possible.
  • The computer is light weight extremely portable and going out anywhere is possible without problems to remember where it was confirmed that the size of the screen computer $ 11.5 inches which allows the freedom of more in Control.
  • Owns a new computer and three usb Type C
  • The screen in the computer supports the ability to run touch touch or to abolish it easily and simply by way of options and features in the screen.
  • The weight of the entire computer amounted to 1.1 kg.

Chromebook 11 CB311

The processor, memory, computer Chromebook 11 CB311

In this paragraph we will address the most complex things most importantly, unlike what has been mentioned in the preceding paragraphs of our topic on the properties and characteristics of computer Chromebook 11 CB311, where we show the absolute size of the computer dramatically, as we have reported the dimensions of the screen and its size. Now you will know the Processor used in the computer memory in terms of space.

You will be using the processor System, Intel Celeron, as the computer varies and is determined by space memory either 2 or 4 depending on the preferences of the user, the possibility to choose between more than a storage space where the available storage capacity of 16 Giga bytes and 32 Giga bytes. Also, it’s been announced that the new computer will be released which has a camera and microphone connected to automatically by the computer purity and high quality completely.

The timing of the issuance price of the Chromebook 11 CB311

The confirmation from acer that the computer will be released officially on the market in March of 2018. It was emphasized that there is a the computer will be in the range of 250 USD.

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