Acer announces lineup of computers Chromebook new

New computers targeting the education sector and projects, and supports the Google Play store, which allows it to run Android apps.

During CES this year’s CES 2018, we saw several ads for computers Chrome book New, such as the announcement of the second generation of computers Chrome books Chromebox 3 with third-generation processor from Intel, unveiled computers Chromebook 11 G6 and Chromebook 14 G5.

After Lenovo yesterday announced 3 computers Chrome book specifications medium targeting the education sector, comes the role of Acer and now to announce the lineup of computers Chromebook new for 2018, a Chromebox CXI3 and Chromebook 11 C732 and Chromebook Spin 11.

Speaking in detail about the computers, the Chromebox CXI3 includes a third-generation processor from Intel Core, and has a USB-C port one, with an HDMI port, and Ethernet port, five USB ports Type-A, unfortunately is not available at the current time further information regarding the specifications and availability of this case.

While the device is Spin 11 models of CP311-1H / CP311-1HN, which is the successor to the computer R 11, which includes the new device screen of the type IPS 11.6-inch and accurately 1366×786 pixel camera, with the joints swivel 360 degrees.

Cheese along with the presence of two USB-C 3.1 of the company and the transfer of data and screen external, with USB 3.1 a MicroSD card slot, the different options in terms of specifications, such as Processor Intel Pentium N4200 quad core or processor Celeron N3450 or Celeron processor N3350 binary nuclei, and 4/8 GB of RAM type LPDDR4, with 32/64 GB of internal storage type eMMC.

It is assumed that computer Spin 11 in North America in the month of March, the starting price of $ 350 for two models, that is available in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa in the month of April, the starting price of 380 euros.

While the computer 11 C732 directed particularly to the education market, and supports the standard IP41 waterproof and dustproof, keyboard, resistant to liquids, making it a suitable option for children, and includes a screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixel IPS display, a touch screen, or some kind of IPS or TN non-functioning touch screen.

Along with guaranteed on the joints of the swivel 180 degrees, the Processor Celeron N3450 quad core or Celeron processor N3350 binary nuclei, with 16/32/64 GB of internal storage type eMMC and up to 8 GB of RAM, with two USB-C and USB 3.0.

It is assumed that this is the situation in North America in the month of March, the cost starts from 300 $ for the model screen touch 280 $ model the normal screen.

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Source: Acer announces lineup of computers Chrome Facebook new

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