Acer announces a computer Chromebook 514 new price of $ 350

Is Acer one of the most active companies in the field of computers Chrome book, and during recent months has launched the first tablet running Chrome OS Chromebook Tab 10, also launched computer Chromebook 13 and Chromebook 15.

And today the Taiwanese company announced the for computer its new in this category, Chromebook 514, which is not available detailed information about the processor and RAM “RAM” storage, but Acer’s its battery is enough for 12 hours, which is running Chrome OS and supports the Play Store.

With regard to the specifications of the external, it offers an IPS screen measuring 14 inches and accurately 1920×1080 pixels, in addition to the HDR camera, a keyboard lit from the back, and a track with Gorilla Glass glass. All of that in the structure of the aluminum.

Comes computer Chromebook 514 with a suitable USB-C on the side, in addition to USB-A traditional Port to read external memory cards, and headsets ear.

Intends Acer ask device, which looks like it is targeting the education sector, as of the month of next October at a price of $ 350.

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