Accusing the security researcher guy hacked Microsoft and Nintendo

I think the young 24-year-old works as a security hacking into servers belonging to each of Microsoft, Nintendo and steal classified and sensitive information.

The charge formally to the young Zammis Clark known the title of my Slipstream or Raylee. Revealed to the jury that the defendant can log in to the server of Microsoft on the day of January 24, 2017 using a password and an internal user, and then uploaded web shell remote access to network Server Microsoft with ease and continued on this course for at least three weeks.

She added that he didn’t write this, but it did raise several web shell allowed him to search in the networks of Microsoft and raise the files and even downloading files from servers remotely.

Overall, I can accused download 43 a file of non-targeted servers suite Windows contains version secret has yet to be released from the system, used as an initial trial for testing by developers.

He held the accused 7500 search process targeted by its version numbers, and construction copy of Windows hasn’t been fired and also the code names and other products were raised by the company officially.

And via the chat room in the service of the IRC, co-accused with others Access Server Microsoft allowed individuals to access and steal confidential information. As a result of this the registry can the Pirates from France, Germany, the UAE and other countries of access to servers Microsoft.

Searched the suspect’s House and its organs have been found on the stolen files by the Joint Investigation Team consisted of security of Microsoft and the FBI and the European network and digital crime.

Ended the process of penetration of Microsoft after he accused the lifting malware in the networks of Microsoft, was arrested in June of the same year, five months after the start of the hack.

The story didn’t end here, he came out the accused on bail without putting a restriction on the use of computers, there began the journey of Breakthrough New where the to servers Nintendo company of Japan in March 2018.

Could the defendant have access to the network virtual private network using the same software adopted in the hacked Microsoft hacked servers games development super-speed your company.

And Nintendo on those servers code software to develop games that have not been issued officially yet. As a result hack can’t accused of stealing 2,365 user name and password during the only two months when I found out Nintendo Wii for hack in May 2018.

The capacity of the Nintendo damage hack between 913 thousand to $ 1.8 billion, while Microsoft’s ability damage is estimated at $ 2 billion.

Chest right of the accused to a court judgment to imprisonment for 15 months implemented 18 months after the cop, as well as has been issued against him is to prevent serious crimes for five years, which imposed a financial penalty of unlimited imprisonment for five years if you break it.

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