Accounts Instagram learn to infiltrate a group of anonymous hackers


It seems that hundreds of accounts Instagram may have been hacked en masse since the beginning of this month. The way the hack is in fact similar. It is unclear at present what are the gaps that have been exploited to hack into these accounts and if there is dump data from somewhere helps the hackers to use the credentials appropriate to penetrate these accounts.

Listen site Mashable for many people their account has been compromised this month. These users found themselves out of their accounts for no reason. When they try to login again, they find that their account information, photos, and contact information, their own, and even the number associated with the account has been changed.

Is often change their profile picture to a character from Pixar or Disney, while is change the email address for the account to the scope of the Rus. So it has been disabled the option of dual control in some calculations by the inventors. It seems that the people behind this hack are not being any other changes to the compromised accounts. Don’t add any new pictures or delete the previous images.

In addition to the report, is now awaiting the complaints are endless about this hack on Twitter and the other social sciences, such as Reddit. I didn’t know Instagram on this situation yet, but given the extensive media coverage, it is likely that the organization of the company in it already.



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