Accounts Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp are still suffering from give partial I have some users around the world

حسابات فيسبوك وانستقرام وواتساب لا تزال تعاني من تعطل جزئي لدى بعض المستخدمين حول العالم

The cooperation partner is fine from the users of Facebook and Instagram give a partial account of their hours ago where I limited the problem to a specific region but covered around the world, featured a raised back that hit all the producers in the inability of the users to send or receive messages via Messenger or deployment across their pages as well as other jobs pertaining to log on to develop a third-party via their accounts; also, the right Cell WhatsApp did failure of arrival of the user the advantages of communicate, but have fewer.

According to some users, the messaging through the Messenger via the site suffers from a complete failure in spite of his work by phones in addition to the inability to publishing through their pages for hours, as Instagram the problem was larger and included all the advantages of the failure in raising the voice or upload and the use of direct messages until the window story doesn’t work.

Came comment Facebook to the problem via a tweet to calculate the product on Twitter that they are dealing with the issue given some of the posts I have some users in the applications of various company and work to resolve them as soon as possible and that the problem is not a result of the face of piracy.

In a tweeted account of Instagram with a message similar to all the users that they are making the maximum effort to resolve the issue at the earliest frames, it is worth mentioning that the failure of the operations of the messaging application WhatsApp is proposed on the segment of users in Brazil are Argentina, India, Bangladesh.

On the other hand, pointed out the tweets of some users to their Twitter accounts to give hit the store system a virtual reality “Oculus” of the Facebook status without buying the games or sign up.

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