Accessory maker showed how will look the AirPods 3

In early October, in the beta version of iOS 13.2 was discovered animation buttons to activate noise cancellation for new AirPods. According to her, in the settings of the volume control will be an additional switch, which will be responsible for the activation or deactivation of the noise reduction. But this is not the only hint at the features of AirPods 3: so case manufacturers have already started to release accessories for the new AirPods, and apparently, they know something.

In this color AirPods 3 for sure will be popular

It is expected that the new AirPods will be released in late 2019 or early 2020. However, the manufacturer of accessories ESR already released as “cover”, and the case for the so-called AirPods Pro. And judging by the presence of a wider charging case in the pictures, AirPods will have silicone (or foam) ear cushions for a snug in-ear fit.

As will appear 3 AirPods

The fact that ESR publishes its ideal covers for not yet released AirPods, suggests that the manufacturer of the accessories found dimensions and design details of the new headphones from their sources in the supply chain of Apple. Of course, on the other hand, it could just be a marketing ploy based solely on hearsay.

This may be the case for 3 AirPods. Note the extended charging case

However, the elongated case to charge the same as we saw in the leaks a few months ago:

The leak appeared in June of this year. Is it all right?

According to rumors, 3 AirPods will receive a “sports” design. Headphones will receive a special mount, which will allow users to jog or train, while not being afraid that the headphones can fall out of the ears at the most inopportune moment. The company will waive the glossy coating will be used in the body of matte plastic. However, the main feature of the new product will be the function of active noise cancellation. It is possible the appearance of the standard dust – and moisture protection IP67/IP68 and new colours.

AirPods Pro, expected to have a higher price than the existing AirPods, which are sold at a price of $ 159 with a wired charger case and $ 199 for a model with wireless charging. The exact pricing of the new model is still unknown. If this information is true, the price of the novelty in Russia will amount to 18-20 thousand rubles. At the same time will be sold two models of headphones — updated AirPods 2 and 3 AirPods. The Junior model will preserve the continuity of the original versions and will completely replace the headphones first generation.

Meanwhile, a poll on the website and in our Telegram chat showed that the owners of the current generation of AirPods don’t see the point in upgrading. Well, let’s see, would it change their opinion after the presentation.

Many see no reason to upgrade, and someone not at all AirPods

When will the AirPods 3

Apple typically introduces new devices in its presentation, but the October event looks unlikely this year, so the company may announce a new AirPods with a press release, as it did recently with Beats earphones. But if the new AirPods will be device 2020, they can be presented at the March Apple event.

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