About the cutouts in the screens of Samsung new line of Galaxy A and transfer Samsung IPS

Company Samsung, as we already reported, moved to the “dark side”, presenting the screens with cutouts.

No details was not revealed, but today appeared the first rumors. So, according to these reports, the first such displays will receive a new smartphones Galaxy A. more specifically, the Galaxy Galaxy A70 and A90, which will debut in February, probably at MWC 2019.

From this we can learn about the new principle of naming smartphones Galaxy A. What kind of panel they get, is not specified, but most likely Infinity-Infinity or U-V.

In addition, the source says that some models of the Galaxy A reason transferred to IPS screens. Specifically Galaxy A50 and A60, that is, apparently, not the cheapest model. Given that the AMOLED screens are one of the main features of most Samsung smartphones, such a step for me personally is not very clear. Well would a budget model, but the middle of the line.

By the way, the source repeats the rumors that have already appeared in the Network. According to them, Samsung will abandon the Galaxy series J. in part it will be replaced by phones Galaxy A, but will also a new line of Galaxy M. It will replace part of the Galaxy J and Galaxy C and Galaxy On.

But all this is rumors, so wait and will see.

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