A year in prison for phishing. 37-year-old hacker was jailed for stealing bitcoins

9 April, the press center of the Prosecutor of the state of Connecticut has published information about the arrest of the offender for theft of bitcoins with the help of “phishing darknet. The attacker was 37-year-old Michel, Rico of new haven, who as punishment has appointed 12 months in prison.

After serving the sentence for him will be applied the measure in the form of parole, for a period of 3 years. It is the aggregate punishment for the bitcoin theft, fraud and money laundering. Rico of illegally captured data to log in more than 10 thousand accounts and a total of transferred to your bitcoin wallet in excess of 365 thousand dollars.

In addition, judge Vanessa L. Bryant was appointed Rico a fine of 10 thousand dollars and confiscation of computers and electronic devices. This also includes coins and precious metals, purchased with illegally obtained income. Confiscation of the subject and the 352.5 thousand dollars in cash.

The attacker posted fake links to various shopping sites on the Internet, as well as on the darknet forums. They redirect unsuspecting users to fake pages and websites resembling the original. Thus it received sensitive data, then cleaned the accounts. As noted in the report of the Ministry of justice:

[…] was selling stolen bitcoins for US dollars that were received to your Bank account or payment systems Western Union and MoneyGram.

Lately, phishing is gaining popularity amid the General growth in the number of cyber crimes around the world. Not so long ago, phishers attacked users of one of the most popular cryptocell MyEtherWallet. The latest massively received phishing emails in which attackers fraudulently tried to take hold of sensitive data. More data look at cryptodata.

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