A woman tries by the court to defend the right to own lunar dust

Laura Murray Mikko filed a lawsuit against the space Agency NASA, which in the past was trying to acquire a sample of lunar dust held by women. This sample was given to her parents from astronaut Neil Armstrong, and Laura wants to defend their rights to it.

Laura Murray chikko received a glass vial of moon dust from her mother when she was 10 years old. It is alleged that the astronaut Neil Armstrong was friends with her father Tom Murray, pilot of the American air corps. Armstrong and Murray was in a secret club for men-pilots Quit Birman. In the 70-ies, Armstrong gave a bottle mother Cicco with a note that reads: “Laura Anne Murray – good luck – Neil Armstrong Apollo 11”.

Lawyer Laura brings an expert opinion on handwriting letter, which confirms that the note was written by Neil Armstrong. With regard to the authenticity of the samples, it is reported that dust could occur from the surface of the moon and the Earth’s surface. To exclude the lunar origin is impossible. With all these data, attorney Christopher McHugh assures that Laura holds the bottle perfectly legal.

The catch is that lunar samples are the property of the US government, and according to NASA policy, they can be used only for authorized purposes. Needless to say, the space Agency has no control over the use of lunar dust in the hands of Laura Murray Mikko. For NASA, it is important that everyone who has access to the samples, followed the principles of strict accountability and safety compliance.

It is curious that the scientists who investigated the hazard of lunar dust, do not have access to the real material. They had to simulate. Action Laura NASA has not yet responded. The reply from the Agency within 60 days. It will be interesting to see whether NASA will continue attempts to secure a sample of lunar dust.

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