A way to disable alerts on the lock screen – Android

Privacy this great interest which the notice of users after I modified the means that enable some of us to penetrate by means of the extracted and of course twisted that involve many people, especially those who don’t of dealing professionally with what his operating system of tools and means of protection sufficient to a large extent in the application of this protection.

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Screen lock and password or even fingerprint and other means which provides its Android operating system to prevent others from access to your mobile content with the exception of the owner, of course this means that is a conventional prevent anyone from using the phone or get into it, maybe don’t let him to conduct calls to emergency or call the police and ambulance.

But we Despite this campaign of note as the notes of the song, I lock the screen and I was activated on the phone by the user, it displays in the status settings the system default, displays notifications that arrive to the phone on the screen it publicly.

Which means that anyone who snooped holding the phone to your mobile and its screen will not need to unscrew the lock code or a Pattern, maybe enough for him to read those alerts that are displayed by the system concise messages that appear on the phone screen before the phone displays the lock screen !!

The above, for more privacy, you can Dear user to stop those applications that you know alert its by default on the Lock Screen Lock Screen and you can here I leave the app, which has nothing to do with your privacy, as weather and other.

To amend the teens on the lock screen

Follow the steps down to the app you want to disable the appearance of alerts on the lock screen, and there recall that this doesn’t disable those set within the system in the bar of the upper case. When you work to decipher the lock code as the owner of the phone.

1 . Go to Settings, Phone Settings and from there to applications Apps

2 – the system will display what is available from the apps on your Mobile Phone, search for the app you want to disable the appearance of alerts on the lock screen, tap on the app name and then alerts and Notifications.

3 – Click on the tab Lock Screen

4 – and here to choose Dont show notification


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