A way to decipher the secret code and lock screen for Android phones

Users in the majority of them put a password to the phone so that no one can open it without their knowledge, and this is normal to protect privacy, no problem, but forget the user password or the code and the method of decoding the lock, is an acute problem too, and make the user in constant anxiety and I didn’t forget the password, the concern of the phone refused to accept that word, for whatever reason , though, that the problem of forgetting the password undoubtedly sleepless or reject the phone does not another problem but there are solutions definitely.

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And we drink and we recommend it to you in details of this article, we will use the application iMyFone LockWiper to solve the problem of forgetting the secret code of the mobile phone, because it is excellent in getting rid of the problem quickly, and that’s where it removes the lock screen entirely and then you can open the mobile website easily.

Decipher the secret code and lock screen for Android phones

  • The first step requires downloading the software on the phone from the following link .


After you do download the program and run it will remove the lock screen quickly and easily will notice the user that when you return to unlock the phone will work without asking for a secret code or ” password.”.
The more about the mechanism of action, watch the video below the article.



  • Work on the elimination of all forms of lock phones remove the PIN codes, in addition to the fingerprint and other methods of Lock is different and more complex.
  • This software supports all versions of Android phones, also supports tablets and Android.
  • The possibility to cancel the lock all the old hardware, even if running Android 2.3 or Android systems 9.

Note : this program does not accept the Face ID or Touch ID.

A way to decipher the secret code and lock screen for Android phones through the application of iMyFone

  • Is download the software on your computer and then enthroned.
  • After this is done connect the phone which I forgot the password of his computer.
  • Wait a little the program will download all necessary files so that to unlock the phone’s screen through the internet automatically.
  • After that the software will have to come second to remove the lock the phone in a few minutes.

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Warnings before using the program

  • The program erases all the data the device itself, and its as if it was new.
  • The program erases all the data that is stored on the device.
  • So if there’s a backup copy of them in safe no need to fear, while the opposite because after removing them you may not find a solution recoverable.


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