A vulnerability in the iPhone allowed the sites to find out any of you

With the development of the Internet and online services we are so accustomed to spying on the Internet that started to call it simply data collection. In the end, what for once again to cheat yourself, if you oppose this still nothing. But deanonymization voice commands and clicks on a banner advertising that captures Google is only baby talk compared to how other sites may follow us through vulnerabilities in our smartphones, including those running iOS.

Researchers at Cambridge University conducted independent research and came to the conclusion that any device running Android and iOS can reveal sites the personality of its owner. You do not even have to install any malware or backdoors, because this method works regardless of the browser being used on the monitored device. This process is called SensorID, as proved to be quite reliable method of identification.

What your smartphone can tell you

Deanonimizatsiya is based on data from sensors such as magnetometers, accelerometers and gyroscopes. Usually when these sensors go off the Assembly line, they require calibration, which is produced by manufacturers of smartphones. And since each one is calibrated individually, this allows you to distinguish one smartphone from another. IPhone users in this sense is not lucky more than others, due to the fact that every Apple has a guaranteed unique identifier SensorID.

To prevent the identification is thus almost impossible. Web sites gain access to data from sensors in a matter of seconds after opening, defining a specific user even if he went to the site with another browser or had previously restored the device to factory settings. The fact that the SensorID IDs are not overwritten even after a hard reset.

Why you should upgrade

Fortunately, Apple was aware of the problem before us, and therefore has existed in the iOS fixed an exploit that allowed sites to identify iPhone owners. The fix came in an update to iOS 12.2. So, if you for some reason continue to use an earlier version of the operating system, we urge you not to delay with installation of the last patch.

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