A video clip reveals a change in the design of the Huawei Mate X

Using Huawei launch phone Mate X rollaway markets with the end of the month of October, in a new video clip revealed a change in the design of the phone before its launch markets.

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Unlike the first model of Huawei phone rollaway Mate X, shows the new model in the video clip, right-click new to open the screen where you can click on this button when you fold the screen to the Edit screen and then the user can proceed in to open the screen fully.

I have the Huawei to postpone the launch of the phone Mate X markets to ensure the efficiency of the design of the phone and the mechanism of air-tight aperture in particular, having passed the first models from Samsung some of the problems that led to cracked the screen, also the Huawei to conduct new tests to make sure the performance of the user interface and the switch applications of the display mode to full screen or when the folds of the screen.

Recall that this change is the first of the changes spotted in the new model phone Mate X, is expected to show further changes in the design when you launch the phone officially to the markets later this month.


I know of

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