A U.S. judge has made useless an important function of iOS

About a year ago when we told you about why iOS 11 can now function forced off Touch ID or Face ID, we touched on the subject of classification of methods of identification by law enforcement agencies in the United States. Then we learned that the security services do not consider biometrics, in contrast to the password as a special knowledge of suspected crimes, and therefore can force them to remove the lock from their smartphones. Recently however the rules have changed.

According to Forbes, a Northern California judge Kandis Westmore ruled that the police have no right to demand that suspects, defendants and convicts to unlock their smartphones with biometrics, as it was before. The reason for the compulsion cannot be regarded as even a warrant from a judge that allows law enforcement officers to conduct a search and seizure of personal belongings for further attaching to the case as evidence of guilt or innocence.

Forced unlock = self-blame

According to the judge who issued the corresponding decree, the forced removal of the lock from smartphones defendants or suspects with biometric methods of identification is equivalent to the compulsion to self-blame.

“If a person cannot be compelled to provide the password, as it is a special knowledge, equally it cannot be compelled to provide your finger, iris, face or other biometric information to unlock their devices,” said the judge.

Social network and instant messenger — as an alternative to biometrics

Despite the fact that Americans were allowed not to testify against themselves, removing the lock from your smartphone, law enforcement will still be plenty of ways to get accusatory or exculpatory information. For example, over the security services remains the right of studying the correspondence of the accused or suspects in social networks, as well as submitting requests for the provision of data on the movements, calls and the history of web browser manufacturers and operators.

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