A troublesome problem in cell phones the new Samsung Galaxy S10 before officially unveiled!

Everyone is waiting for Samsung to Samsung, which intends to detect its phones the new Samsung Galaxy S10 in about a month from now, where they confirm the predictions of the version of the Samsung three phones Galaxy new, is the S10 the S10+ the S10 Lite, through the month of March next.

Among the developments introduced by Samsung on phones Galaxy next, used to evaluate ultrasound in the pick up lines fingerprint to secure your phone, which is technically more accurate than the visual technique, used now, in the sensor of the fingerprint.

Featuring a technology new Samsung the possibility of using footprint in the case of the throne, and water, and in rainy weather, rather than the current technical that don’t work in these conditions, however, new technology has caused an annoying problem for most users.

With New Technology Foresight, could not the installation folder protection transparent screen phones new Galaxy, which is located a fingerprint sensor under the screen, where will be held this portfolio transparent process sensor footprint of the new, according to test results announced by the company Armadillotek for the manufacture of screensavers phones Samsung Galaxy.

The importance of portfolio transparent screen to protect the phone screen from breakage when falling, which is a major risk that must be has a major effect on sales of the Samsung Series New.

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