A trial version application Netflix on Android comes with a new one

إصدار تجريبي لتطبيق Netflix على أندرويد يأتي بواجهة جديدة

After a test phase of one user to develop new Netflix for mobile phones and for a short time last year, here’s Netflix set their efforts and the design of another, with reference to this version of pilot is launched across the ring.

In respect of the changes included the removal of the MENU button with the inclusion of all the elements now in the bottom bar of the screen, these were the elements of the right-Hom-the “main” button and the Search button is Coming Soon and the option to download and the option of more, and re-transfer of categories of content in the search page, making access to all these options, however, one easier than ever.

Also a button to sync with the chromecast under his place a the top right of the interface, and finally if you want to check the new interface, you can join a program version of Netflix on Google Play from here, put in mind that all the lab beta versions don’t watch all the changes since it from the server side.


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