A summary of what came in the conference Apple TV

Apple unveiled at its conference which had been established in the house the Howard Gilman Opera in New York City on a number of computers macOS and iPad Pro, despite the fact that many users had hoped to reveal to Apple some accessories, except that the company has launched the new generation of iPad Pro as well as a new version of computers Macbook Air and Mac mini.

MacBook Air

مؤتمر آبل

The CEO of Apple Tim Cook about the new version of the computer MacBook Air which comes with a screen Retina.

The device contains two USB ports C, to the side of the entrance to heaven, it also comes with a premium design and size of 13.3 inches, with the quality of the presentation of the best of up to 4 million pixels. Andalso featuring this version the improvements related to the color.

Buy the new version to support fingerprint Touch ID in the upper right corner of the keyboard, and also features the chip T2 that support the protection and safety of the device.

مؤتمر آبل macbook air

The design of the butterfly keyboard found a way to the new device, which is the same design that we have seen in the organs of the Macbook Pro. The device came many improvements related to health, with three microphones support the work of Siri when taking a voice command.

The device supports the second generation of Intel processors, with a storage capacity of 1.5 terabytes in SSD, and 16 GB of RAM.

مؤتمر آبل

Can this version work for about 12 hours on the battery, as it comes to the size of the thinnest 10% of the previous version, which is made entirely of aluminum recycling. The device comes in three colors: golden, silver, and black.

The device is currently available for pre-order, and will be ready for sale at the date of 7 November at a starting price of 1199$.


Mac Mini

مؤتمر آبل

This new machine will be faster by 60% of the second generation of Intel processors. It includes internal memory of up to 2 TB RAM with a capacity of 64 GB, as well as comes with a microchip T2 to support the protection and safety of the device, it also has a suitable Ethernet وThunderbolt 3 and HDMI and USB-A.

Scheduled to start the price of your Mac mini with a processor Core i3 with the Random Access Memory 8 GB, the storage capacity of 128 GB $ 799, with pre-order today, and through next week.


iPad Pro

مؤتمر آبل

This device comes with a premium design frames the thinnest supports touch pen Apple is magnetic, as it features a Liquid Retina, with the support of a wider range of colors.

This is a version that does not include the Home button came less size than the previous version but the bigger screen, it also supports face recognition technology FaceID.

Of the most notable improvements that were made on this machine, it comes with A12X Bionic accurately manufacture 7 nm, which used Apple TV also in the versions of iPhone recent.

Also confirm the Apple TV to that this version includes graphics card Xbox One S of the highest quality, as was the confirmation of USB port C this year, so it can recharge other devices including iPhones.

مؤتمر آبل

The registry Apple TV has been updated, where it connects magnetically to the wholesale side of the devices, it also supports wireless charging, too, in addition to the possibility of tapping force to implement the application Notes on the device.

Also made the Apple in this machine support special editing applications Photoshop with the tools to support the design of augmented reality, but we should wait until 2019 to experience apps Adobe new.

Also to have your iPad Pro new size 11 inches priced at $ 799, while the release of 12.9-inch at a price of $ 999, and is available both versions with connecting to LTE, where it starts pre-booking today, to be shipping on the 7th of November.

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A summary of what came in the conference Apple TV

Unveiled the Apple unveiled at its conference about the new generation of Apple watch Apple Watch Series 4, In addition to announcing three new phones: the iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR.

As announced CEO of Apple within the scheduled event in the hall of Steve Jobs, they’re on the verge of charging the device number to 2 million devices running iOS.

According to Mr. Tim Cook that the company receives 500 million visitors a year to follow around the world, emphasizing that they are not interested just phone the iPhone but on creating a lot of technology that enriches People’s lives and focus on the customer.

The hardware announced by Apple at conference

The fourth generation of hours Apple Watch

ملخص مؤتمر آبل

Launched the Apple TV since a few hours its smart Apple watch running watchOS 5, come up with a new design and faster twice than the previous one and on the crown of the electron in its side and also being a bigger screen than previous versions, and have enough battery for the whole day and it supports GPS and has a on SIM.

The former offers many of the features from the techniques of measuring heart rate and red blood cells and physical activity and sports for its owner, as the authority can alert you if you are about to fall, as it will you also if your heart rate is low or irregular.

A sixth also on the technique to prevent you planning an electric heart ECG, as they give an ultimatum to its owner and offer them advice to visit a doctor.

Thanks to its new dual-core with 64-bit architecture, they become two times faster than the previous generation.

Hours Apple TV fourth generation have emerged from ceramic combines a Black Ceramic crystal Sapphire with the interface of the protection glass, and will come in sizes 40 mm and 44 mm, and will be available in several states for pre-order including Emirates.

As the improvement of the loudspeaker in the Arena and make it to the top, as well as a on the background of the screen is new and characteristic patterns.


the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max

ملخص مؤتمر آبل

It has also been displayed Telephone iPhone XS and his older brother, the iPhone XS Max.

Phone iPhone XS new with a size of screen 5.8 inch, up the screen size in XS Max to 6.5 inch. Said Phil Schiller, the company’s Vice President of Marketing, said that the two phones will be available in three colors, namely gold, silver and grey, with the components of the suite have been upgraded, such as the Processor A12 new.

He continued that the phone supports display technology “OLED” colors warmer, adding that houses a collection of properties “the tariff”. It will also support Phone Dual SIM cards, it depends on the slot allow the use of the card, where they can put the first tranche, the second wave of basis, is that you define your number. China is the only country that can put the SIM inside the device, the rest of the partner states combined and added.

Revealed Schiller that the “XS” contains some of the features that will help to enhance the augmented reality, which will be the admiration of lovers of games around the world, especially those who were awaiting the arrival of feature augmented reality games, collective. Add to that the phone comes with the internal storage space up to 512 GB.

Also, both phones will be against the water. The camera the most prominent is to add improvements to put the Puerto Rican puncher, so that you can modify the focal length of the image until after capture. In addition to the improved export feature with Smart HDR new.

Comes phone Xs andXs Max with Dual Camera 12 megapixel front camera 7 megapixel, and working with operating systemiOS 12 modern, in addition to the feature of Face ID. And smaller come with a battery 2716 mAh, and the older women don’t a more powerful battery of 3300 mAh, and the two with 4 GB of RAM.


iPhone XR

ملخص مؤتمر آبل

Revealed Apple TV also in the talk big since a few of her phone iPhone XR which protects the screen of Type LCD size 6.1 inches and a resolution of 1792×828, and the Processor of the new A12, and also technology Face ID to the face, comes with one camera from the back accurately 12MP.

The phone comes in 6 colors: black, white, red, yellow, coral and blue.

The phone supports standard IP67 to resist dust and water and supports put SIM and Bluetooth 5.0 with card hold up the card over the iPhone 8 Plus an hour and a half.

Won’t need iPhone the XR on the technology of 3D Touch, it features Haptic touch, as in the iPad devices, as the phone comes with a processor A12 camera 12-megapixel.

IPhone XR comes with a storage capacity of 64, 128 and 256 GB, the price starts from $ 749 and is available for pre-order starting from 19 October.

The iPhone XS starts from a price of $ 999, and a phone iPhone XS Max starts from a price of 1099$, and we will be available on the date of 21 September the current, and the pre-order next Friday.

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