A summary of what came in the conference Apple TV

Conference Apple TV tonight is full of surprises aside from the appearance of some representatives of famous at the end of the conference, such as Jennifer Aniston and billiards Carell, has announced the Apple for many of the entertainment services, television and games, which we will mention the most notable detail here.

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Service +Apple News

The service collects more than 300 of the magazine from various fields, available on both iOS وmacOS, available for free, then sell the monthly cost of the service $ 10. Will begin in the United States, Britain and Canada.

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Service Apple Card

A payment card you can use anywhere, as they provide detailed information about the amount of money you spent, in addition to where to spend it, as well as the statistics of the particular wallet application.

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The beauty of it is that each card number is independent of the other, as there’s no code CVV or even expiration date, add to it, the seller doesn’t know anything about your information.

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Service Apple Arcade

Announced the Apple officially unveiled the service games Apple Arcade, which many expected to be launched in this conference, so that this service allows you to subscribe monthly to games, which you can play on all platforms, including Apple TV which will also serve as a gaming device official Plus subscription will give you exclusive access to over 100 exclusive game service.

It will be for the special section in the App Store, but is not announced the value of the monthly subscription to this service, to be soon.

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Service +Apple TV

Revealed the Apple TV for its own service content, entertainment movies and television series, and through these the service offers Apple TV many channels and services with in the application of the Apple TV.

Also the company announced about the service of Apple TV Channels for television broadcasting, which allows you to subscribe to the channels that you want to subscribe to, and pay only for those channels.

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The service will be available in the month of May, as it will support smart TVs, including Sony, Samsung and also LG, will also be present in more than 100 countries.

In addition to the entertainment content visible, you’ll know the Apple TV is also a series of programs that will be offered by a number of artists and celebrities. As there will be a special television program by the software of the famous Oprah Winfrey. And concluded the Apple meeting displays a large number of names of the representatives and celebrities who will them work TV between programmes and series exclusive with Apple.

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