A summary of the Microsoft conference.. new computers and dual-screen

At its annual conference, the ad hoc declaration of its organs, the New, revealed Microsoft on a range of laptops and headphones wireless and dual-screen.

Surface Neo & Duo: device phone dual-screen

Let’s start the instance, Microsoft revealed the Surface Neo the new class of devices, then the size of a tablet almost, but screen two folding 360 degree books. That device works by specially designed of Windows 10 called Windows 10X.

Depends Surface Neo on Intel processors the eleventh generation of Lakefield, the built-in processor graphics. It thus offers the strongest performance among the devices announced. The device comes with a digital pen, with each screen measuring 9 inches and the thickness of the device is 5.6 mm and weighs 655 beauty.

Revealed Microsoft version smaller as the Surface Duo, come such as a smartphone retractable running Android rate specially in collaboration with Google. And of course choose the dimensions of the two screens, which come of $ 5.6 inch apart, and 8.3-inch with.

Depends Phone Surface Neo processor Snapdragon 855 flagship this year. But both devices are not expected until late 2020, which is why there is no information about the price.

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