A summary of the conference Apple: Hello iPad Pro updates, Mac devices, a new version of the registry Apple TV

Ended a little while ago Apple conference associated with the detector for iPad, 2018, as well as updated MacBook Air and MacBook mini. The conference came to matching arrangements significantly launched Apple products, the expected advantages of the fantastic learning we have detailed in this article.

The conference began as usual with the rise of Tim Cook and welcome to attend from New York, said they currently access computers Mac that is currently working to 100 million devices.

He added that the Mac gets first place in the reports of the users ‘ satisfaction was the most important point praised by Mac users is the system Mojave. Then he added that we have identified speakers for Mac and the start with the MacBook Air.

MacBook Air

For lovers of the Mac home and finally Apple remembered your favorite devices, where he initially announced the new generation of the MacBook Air after waiting to get a real update for more than 3 years and a half I got the device to update the configurable time came to updates, the power of the device. The Beginning came with the screen that I got to challenge the speakers of the two pillars of the two to reduce the dialogue is great and the update the second is the screen Retina Display provides.

The iPad now comes in 13.3-inch screen and more than 4 million pixels where the quality of 2560*1600 pixels as the screen comes to the number of colors over 48% which clearly implies a much higher content

Has also been updated camera Air to become HD as well as added insight to the account and the second generation of the Apple keyboard that comes with improvements on features Butterfly to 4 times the previous generation in the trust.

Added Apple security chip T2 to secure your device

As well as comes Mac with 2 USB port C and increase the area of shit iPad TrackPad by 20%. Providing options SSD 1.5 TB

Apple has improvements such as increasing the power of the sky of 25% providing the second generation of Intel processors provide the option of memory 16 GB also reduced the size of the device as a whole 17%

And reduce the sky to become the 15.6 mm and weight to become the 2.75 lb any 1.25 kg. Finally Apple announced it’s made of aluminum recycled by 100%.

Finally Apple has revealed the price is 1199$ and it can be booked as of today and will be available end of next week i.e. on November 7.

Mac mini

Commented Tim Cook on this point that he said that we have the update for your small but very significant in its advantages then Apple has revealed about the new generation of Mac Mini, which comes updated after 48 months of waiting. There was no significant change in the design but only the color which has become a gray Space Gray your iDevice iPad iPhone as well as changed the type of aluminum the user to the new version recycled your Apple.

The beginning of the processor was increased to become you have two options, namely quad and

Starts from Intel’s second generation i3 to i7 processor second generation “as well as moved the storage capacity of the “Fusion” to become the SSD completely contrasting options capacity storage up to 2 Tera SSD

The Apple is a great choice is the possibility of increasing the memory up to 64 GB.

The new device according to Apple is faster in graphics 60% in performance of 500% compared with the previous generation “version 2014” which means a clear improvement in the applications

Apple has been very generous in the ports where they provided you with two USB traditional and 4 of the USB Type C and HDMI port plus an internet port supported speed of 10 Gigabit.

As Apple has announced about the cooling system better able to enter the air cooling double the efficiency of the former. For the prices were increased for the older generation where I started at$ 799 and starts booking of the day on sale November 7

The iPad Pro

Begun to reveal the iPad in exactly the same way the Mac is where Apple announced it was selling 400 million iPad to date.

Revealed Apple that it last year sold out of the iPad more than they sold any company in the world of computers “notebooks”.

Then the Apple review iPad new Pro and start with the exterior design that was changed for the first time since 2013 since it announced the iPad Air, the new design has been eliminated from the sharp edges of the former.

As Apple has updated the screen to the beginning of the increase its size to become the 11-inch is the same size as the iPad 10.5 inches previous by reducing the dialogue and cancel button to the screen.

As for the docking pro-sized 12.9-inch has got to the same update the new design, but this time it did not increase Apple’s screen size but maintained a 12.9-inch reduced size of the device as a whole.

As well as the Apple by using the technique of Liquid Retina in the screen your iDevice iPhone XR

Announced Apple adding fingerprint feature of the face or the identity of the face of the family of the iPhone X to the iPad.

Announced that Apple iPad will come by the upgraded processor iPhone and A12X is the same technique 7nm and thus become the Apple also the first to offer a processor this technology in tablet devices. The processor comes with 8 cores CPU and 7 cores GPU explained to Apple that this processor has 10 million transistors.

Compared to the iPad the previous handler is a A10X the address of the new comes faster 35% in the performance of nuclear per and 90% in the nuclei.

Then made fun of Apple computers around the world where she said that this processor is faster than 92% of the computers that were sold last year.

Apple has said that the graphics performance of which the pressure is 2X the speed of the iPad Pro 10.5 inches.

Walker crew funny when he said Apple it’s when compared with the first generation of iPad released in 2010 the performance of the graphics has become 1000 times.

Added Apple to artificial intelligence your processor is capable of analyzing 5 trillion operation per second. As revealed from the availability of a new feature is the option of a storage capacity of 1 Tera (increases the price by about 1500$ by the way).

Apple has revealed about the change of a new revolutionary and confirmed the rumors of a cancellation of a port Lightning famous own and move to USB C

Now that the iPad now supports port C so it become able to contact a quality 5K and support the quality of the full recommendation with cameras and various accessories.

The news of another delightful is that the iPad comes with fast charger 18 watt. Supported Apple the possibility to charge the iPhone than the iPad.

The new iPad comes the second part of the pen Apple.

The pen has been re-designed to change the way traditional shipping, where he became a ship of the iPad the same wireless.

Pen support gestures where you can click to say a particular job and two other job and so on.

Apple announced it about a new keyboard with the improvements in design and performance.

And that doesn’t care about it after I fell a virtual reality en don’t forget the Apple Support don’t they support him better than ever before in the iPad such that the processor A12X is able to run AR quality 60fps in low lighting, in addition to a long list of advantages.

Go talk about the applications have been reviewed, a number of games and apps that show how much power the new processor.

Perhaps the most important partial revealed by Apple is that the Adobe company has reviewed a copy coming from the application Photoshop famous said that now for the first time, Photoshop work on a tablet with the same force and techniques used on personal computers which became the iPad is capable of operating with the same efficiency of any computer.

Then it’s time prices where revealed to Apple for increasing the price of the iPad$ 150 to start at$ 799 for the 11-inch Wi-Fi

It starts from$ 999 for a 12.9-inch Wi-Fi. And the price of the device size, 12.9-inch version of the network capacity 1 Terra to 1899$

Apple announced to continue selling the iPad Pro 10.5 inches without any reduction in price which settles at$649.

In the end, Apple has revealed that it will launch in the next few hours “might be issued before publication of the article” iOS 12.1 with talks FaceTime and 70 image new activation slide binary an iPhone XS/XR.


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