A software engineer who was fired by the machine

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Revealed one of the software developers in California how to dismissed from his job through the machine, and even the managers were unable to do anything to stop the machine., where Roy Ibrahim Diallo Ibrahim Diallo, in a cautionary tale about the dangers of automation and the future that awaits us all, a series of strange events that started with the sound of my voice early in the morning and ended up pulling him out of the building accompanied by two security guards, it seems that the machines not only take jobs, but it’s already started to fire people from their jobs.

And speaking coder located in Egypt, via his blog that the machine had done its work, and there was nothing Admins can do about it, and they stood motionless when I Pack his things and left the company building, where Diallo worked at the company for only eight months within the contract runs for three years when the timing of his card of tariff for work, and earlier that morning had missed a phone call from the person who helped him get a job leaving him a strange message to the effect of “why would you fly from?”.

Said Diallo: “that wasn’t the first time my card tariff, we assumed that the time had come to replace her, once I arrived to the police I went to see my manager to tell him about it, with the promise to replace the card with a new one immediately,” and continue to be programmed to work on over the next few days using the card tariff is temporary, but were later ejected progressively from the account of his various, became unable to login again.

And the person who helped him get a job again to say he had received an e-mail message saying he had terminated his cooperation with the police, he added, the programmer that he called his boss immediately, and be surprised that he was not aware of this at all, and during the day following the reception of Abraham uber to go to work, but was unable to staff the security printing ID card temporary for him, because his name appeared in red and mark them in the system.

He was on the director to accompany him to the building, while sent to the person who helped him get the job the message that I don’t go to work, because I got the message that he has been using card own definition of Samadhi during the stop work, and that while he was with the Director within the building, and they went together to the director’s knowledge of the problem, asked the support team to set things right., and asked him to come to work the next day.

It seems that things did not end, as during the next day discovered Abraham that he was prohibited from logging into any account of your work out, during the afternoon, came two security officers to accompany him to the outside of the building, saying the director is angry and confused and helpless to do anything, I have received an e-mail to accompany Abraham to the outside of the building, and did not during the three weeks following able to come to work, without anyone being able to do anything about it.

And took the heads of Diallo three weeks to find out the reason behind his dismissal, and his company had been undergoing changes, both in terms of the systems that use them or the people who hired them, and discovered that the Director of the original has been discharged during the previous period, and asked him to work during the time remaining for the meeting with the police through the region.

Ibrahim said: “I imagine that because of the shock and frustration he decided he doesn’t want to do a lot of work after that, and one of those acts was to renew my contract through new system”, and the problem is related to my automated system for things after the issuance of the order to dismiss the employee, so that all the necessary requests automatically sent, and each request leads to a new order, as when the request is sent to disable the ID card, there will be no way to re-activate it.

Once disabled, an email is sent to the janitorial staff about dismissed employees of the newly, with the transformation of the identity card to the color red, and also send a request to disable the account your Windows Me, and the rest of the accounts are different, and there is no way to stop a long process that takes several days.

Should have been re-employed Ibrahim as a new employee, which means having to re-filling out paperwork, waiting to service FEDEX FedEx ship the card to a new definition, said Diallo said that the things were not same with colleagues at work after his absence, and that a simple mistake in the automation caused the collapse of everything, with the deprivation of the Pay of three weeks because no one could stop the machine, and hopes of Abraham to be my story as a warning to companies about over-reliance on automation.

It is believed coder that automation is considered as an extra credit to the company, but there must be a way to take over the human responsibility if the machine has committed an error, while artificial intelligence expert Dave Copley Dave Coplin to that this story should serve as a cautionary tale about the relationship between man and machine, saying: “this story is considered another example of the failure of humane interaction terms allows the machine to be compared to a human, rather than machines next to the man.”

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