A set of replacement keys with the alphabet from “Star wars” valued at $250

Fans of the Saga “Star wars” can now purchase officially licensed kacapi alphabet Aurebesh.

Aurebesh – alphabet usually used to represent the main galactic language. This name comes from a combination of the names of the first two letters: aurek and Besh. Most creatures from the Star wars universe know how to speak the language and know the alphabet. If you also know by heart Aurebesh, then you here’s a version of kakapo only with letters of the alphabet.

Well, if you have some doubt or just started to learn Aurebesh, then you fit Cacapa, which are duplicated in Latin alphabet.

The keys themselves are made of strong and durable PBT plastic and the labels applied by sublimation. They are compatible with most non-standard keyboard layouts, there is a separate kacapi for the European ISO layout.

Cost Star Wars Galactic Empire DSA Keycap Set Aurebesh, as well as Hybrid version (with Latin alphabet) is $250.

Let the Force be with you!

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