A serious problem in the camera Galaxy Note 9 Samsung looking for a solution!

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the latest versions of the Samsung flagship and the most expensive phone in the history of the Korean company until now, where it exceeds the price of his $ 1000, and it is undeniably on its quality and distinctiveness, but all this did not protect your phone from malfunctions and problems a snap!

According to the latest news from SamMobile, camera the Galaxy Note 9 suddenly stop working, where inform the users about freezing the camera when taking pictures as well as delay during recording video clips.

Those complaints reached the number of users in America and Korea and some other countries, by a lucky coincidence, all phones suffer from that problem working with a processor Snapdragon, while not received a single complaint about the performance of the phones that works with a processor Exynos, so experts believe that the real problem is in the processor.

During the debate on the problem, some users of the forum users who suffer from this vacation clear the cache for the assessment system in the phone, but that solution is temporary and the problem appear some short time.

From its part noticed Samsung to this problem fast, noted one of the coordinators of the Samsung inside the house that the police are aware of the problem and to solve it in the quickest time, it will start sending updates to fix it immediately to reach definitive solutions.

Finally, it should be noted that the Galaxy Note 9 is a co-winner in the best category of cameras Android 2018, and the phone also features a unique, ranging from wireless charging and S-Pen Bluetooth to the water resistant / dust proof rating of IP68 and a headset.

Other features include worthwhile 128 GB or 512 GB of Capacity Removable Storage increase, settings 12-megapixel camera + 12 megapixel camera, OLED screen leading in its class, and large battery capacity 4000 mAh.

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