A serious problem in Galaxy S10 to the users attention!

Although phones Galaxy S10 enjoys a high degree of precision in manufacturing, being a prestigious chain of the leading company in the manufacture of smart phones such as Samsung, but Chance revealed a serious problem to the users attention.

مشكلة خطيرة في Galaxy S10 على المستخدمين الإنتباه لهاA serious problem in Galaxy S10 users attention

According to the latest reports, appeared a major security loophole in Samsung Galaxy S10 recently when he discovered the level as Britain that his phone can be opened by finger prints not recorded it, easily can strangers access to the contents of the phone Galaxy S10.

So, according to the users in the case of using the adhesive to protect the company than those provided by Samsung, despite the fact that these stickers supports multi-touch across the screen only that there is a defect in the fingerprint sensor itself!

For its part did not deny Samsung the problem, she realized the problem and advised the customer using the adhesive of the screen official from Samsung only. She will send a new update soon.

On the other side did not register any cases similar to this problem when using the adhesive of the screen official of the company, but the problem appears when using the adhesive of the screen non-official or third-party companies.

However, it does not raise Network for a defect in the sensor, the fingerprint on the Galaxy S10, so for phone users caution use of the means of securing a safer until you fix the cell, so it is best you use a PIN number or an alpha-numeric password to secure your phones at the current time.

Make sure you secure your phones, and tell us in the comments have you encountered one problem similar?

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