A security vulnerability scandalous new in the privacy of Facebook

No sooner had the scandal of the “Cambridge analytica” of trading data more than 87 million personal account on the Facebook end, only appeared recently new scandal is brewing the privacy of user accounts and publish their personal data.

Where detected, one of the gaps that you change the privacy settings for the account opening information of the Ad Hoc Display on certain categories to become with the public and all users.

Approved the company’s Facebook that the number affected by this security bug has reached 14 million users until now, said the management of Facebook to communicate with account holders to review their publications and their accounts and report any bug or phenomena other illegal.

The house is no longer safe.

ثغرة أمنية فاضحة جديدة في خصوصية فيسبوك

This comes at a time of entrepreneurialism in the management of Facebook to defend the charges available against organizations which protects their content and that the product is no longer safe enough on the data and user accounts.

Recall that this imbalance may be observed in the period between mid-May last until the end, but it is not diversification is the real reason for the conflicting views between the bug for one of the new features that will be launched to exchange the security reasons are not justified given the vulnerability of 14 only account without the other. With the end of the month of May has been changed to all publications of general conquer to private again.

I think the new
ثغرة أمنية فاضحة جديدة في خصوصية فيسبوك

Responsible of privacy in the Facebook platform Erin Egan said that on behalf of all workers in the region think about this security bug and it has already been fixed and will be communicating with them individually reassuring account holders that what happened did not affect any published earlier.

As to this gap is the product for a new property you know the elements of which shed light on data media which need their own profile account to implement the privacy of the own to the world and become accessible to vision all account holders. But what happened is a bug, has led to the mainstreaming process of the property I took in the folds of all the recent posts of millions of users.

ثغرة أمنية فاضحة جديدة في خصوصية فيسبوك

And rumors now about the trading of users ‘ personal data and sell them to companies producing mobile phones bring many investments and expansion of their schools brand. Months of taking treatment of these common are companies, Samsung and Huawei of China.

Maybe that was the reason behind the appearance of the new designs are similar in each of the two companies you need clear arrangements. But we are now going to wait until the toll of war information content of its associated.

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