A security vulnerability in Android that affect Huawei and Samsung and pic sender

Discovered by researchers from Google security flaw unprecedented on the Android operating system of its own, which affect Pixel1, 2, and Huawei P20 and Samsung Galaxy S7 S8 وS9 and other devices, I detected the problem after only seven days of the Find, known as “zero-day“, strange that this error – which affects system Android 8.x and later versions – has been discovered and corrected in December 2017 on the previous versions of the operating system, however it seems that the reform has not been transferred to the newer versions.

Day Zero

جوجل تكتشف خللاً خطيرًا في أندرويد يؤثر على هواتف هواوي وسامسونج وبيكسلGoogle discovered a serious flaw in Android that affects Huawei phones and Samsung and pic sender

The discovery of this exploitation by the team of Project Zero from Google, the group believes the threat analysis that was used in attacks by the group NSO of Israel, the involvement of this company in the past in attacks on human rights activists and politicians, said the representative of the Android’s zero-day is not dangerous as it was in the past, because it “requires the installation of the application of harmful exploitation potential”, this means that it can not be run by a web browser or another application without taking chances of Extra already exist.

Angered the Google company and other technical in the past which were affected by this danger by disclosing those vulnerabilities before the fix, the company said it had informed the partners of Android and make the patch available for the Android Common Kernel, and added the group: “organs of the Pixel 3 and 3a is not exposed, while you will receive the devices Pixel 1 and 2 updates to this problem as part of the update of October”, the other organs affected are the Xioami Redmi 5A and Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and Xiaomi A1 and Oppo A3 and Moto Z3.

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