A sample of the first images captured Camera the oneplus 6

Oneplus is known to build phones leading prices relatively economical, we all Yes, of course, but the specifications don’t mean everything, and, indeed, when it comes to the camera I don’t think the company is strong in front of the competitors.

Has been released the oneplus just got the official photos captured with the latest phones leading, it is true that the camera has undergone several improvements, but we’ll wait until we try it ourselves, we judge them in comparison with competitors.

The imagery used shows the capabilities of the phone in the photography end low lighting and insulation and, knowing that the oneplus 6 comes with a camera background Dual Core 16 maps and secondary 20 maps and installed optical pixels of the individual cameras is larger, what improves performance low lighting.

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This will be available for the oneplus 6 markets starting May 22, on that the starting price of 529$ (1,985 SR).


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