A rich man’s club: how many Bitcoin wallets have counts greater than 1 BTC?

Now the network of Bitcoin there are more than 732 thousand addresses, the amount of cryptocurrency which exceeds 1 BTC. While the top 100 wallets are registering a larger number of incoming transactions, rather than outgoing. According to experts, these trends say about investor confidence in the digital asset. He soon could become a global tool for capital accumulation.

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According to the Blockchain.com, of the approximately 20 million Bitcoin addresses only 732 982 wallet at the time of writing, have balance more than 1 bitcoin. In other words, “owners club 1 BTC” is quite small even at the scale of the stock market, not to mention the world.

Against this background, Bitcoin is increasingly beginning to call number one tool to preserve their own wealth. Recall that the cryptocurrency’s potential was recognized even by the chief economist of the Bank of England’s Andrew Haldane.

60% of all bitcoins will not move over the last year. Again, this is 10.5 million BTC that are used to preserve capital in the last 12 months. It’s like a game with chairs. By the time when you stop the music, some investors have already found their place. You are one of them?

The first hundred addresses continues to accumulate cryptocurrency to extract the maximum profit from a potential bullrun. By the way, since the beginning of the growth of Bitcoin whales has managed to earn considerable sums.

In the world there will only be 21 million bitcoins, and some of them are already lost forever. The world’s population — about 7.5 billion people, of which about 36 million have assets over a million dollars. If the growth rate of the price of Bitcoin continues, soon, even rich people will be difficult to buy a coin.

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