A review of the theory of virtual reality and HTC Vive Pro

This topic review the theory of virtual reality and HTC Vive Pro appeared on Engadget.

Think HTC Vive Pro from the best virtual reality glasses and that in terms of internal components and software which will be available at a price of $ 799.


Come system HTC Vive Pro in blue and compared to the HTC Vive, and which had come in gray. It is also worth mentioning that there is a noticeable improvement in the issue of weight distribution system so that it was distributed better and it even will provide you with comfort during periods of long gaming.

Also been improving the design concept of the cable that comes out of the car so that it was integrated wire trio that existed in the system of Vive to the single wire can be controlled. And this is a step in the right direction. And that on the control to the virtual reality glasses wireless, where the company HTC is currently on a wireless adapter for the Vive and who will come out in mid-2018.

Also added headphones flexible and that have been merged and are placed directly over your ears. And are the adjustable hand height, also includes the volume controls, which means you won’t have anymore to turn off the headset to adjust the volume during playing. It is worth noting that these headphones sold separately at a price of $ 100 and for system HTC Vive original.

There is also a new belt that protects the glasses are sturdier than the velcro strap on the system of the HTC Vive original. And will try belt to shift the car smoothly and that while playing games that require moving a lot and fast and it like the game DOOM VFR or Arizona Sunshine.

Also equipped with HTC Vive Pro camera comparison with one camera system in the HTC Vive and until now company has not announced the HTC reason to add a second camera, but could have been added to support augmented reality and improve the learning process.


And come system HTC Vive Pro is equipped with Dual-Screen of the type AMOLED screen size of 3.5 inches and a resolution of 2880 x 1600 pixels, where the improved degree of clarity is excellent, and that compared to the original and that was strictly 2160 x 1600 pixels so that the pixel density of 615 dpi.

And now the extent of pixels increased hand visibility to 78 %, so you will notice a big difference through small text and folders and details. And also the problems that existed in the original hand vision so that it was observed the presence of a line between both Wexler and the other is still there but less.

But still the angle of view at an angle of 110 degrees and we still rate 90 Hz and see. Where was preferably developed to be a frequency of 144 Hz.

And for headphones built-in is working well 95% where performance was excellent hand sound and Bass, but appeared to be some confusion at the level of the sound higher.

It is also worth mentioning that the performance of the system control depends fully on the strength of the laptop or desktop according to the list of specifications of HTC, you should try running the system with a computer needs at least a graphics card Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Quadro P500 or AMD Radeon Vega 56 or higher, to the side of the Processor Intel Core i5-4590 or AMD FX 8350 or copy Wizard the best.


You will be required to download and install the necessary drivers to run the Vive Pro. And depending on the experience of the system of the HTC Vive, it may take a few minutes, or sometimes it may take a couple of hours until it is run.

And the problem here is that all the firmware for Vive should be updated as much as possible so need all the control units to the latest firmware. There may also be a new version of the Steam VR download. Make sure that the graphics drivers have you updated because that can randomly fail to work.

And worth mentioning think of the Vive Pro is best suited for lovers and owners of virtual reality games, and that’s because the setup process is not owned by HTC.

This topic review the theory of virtual reality and HTC Vive Pro appeared on Engadget.

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