A review of the surveillance camera. Reolink Argus Pro: less expensive as possible!

Are surveillance cameras a key element and very important to many people, as they prefer a lot to buy wireless surveillance cameras are easy to setup and handle, and also for the right price. For this reason, the company offers Reolink surveillance camera Reolink Argus Pro which is one of the best surveillance cameras that can be obtained at the price very suitable.

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You review the surveillance camera Reolink Argus Pro:


Come surveillance camera has a traditional design and very similar with any of the camera control normal, they come with an Oval fitted to the base to hang them on the wall. In fact there is nothing special in the design of the camera but with the standard of IP65, resistant to weathering, including rain and extreme winds.

There is a camera slot for USB charging which you will be able to charge the battery built-in camera.


Although the design of the camera looks normal, except that they provide features and a great performance too compared to the price of it. The most important characteristic of this camera is it easy to setup, you will not face any difficulty in preparation and adjust it.

You will be able to control the camera via the app bringing available across Android, iOS, Windows and Mac, which provides everything you may need including the live broadcast, the contradictions resulting from the existence of movement in front of the camera. Moreover, the camera will record video automatically for 8 seconds when movement occurs in front of the camera, can adjust this time via the settings for up to 30 seconds, but keep in mind it’s not the camera can do recording continued.

Can also benefit from this app by talking with the person in front of the camera and earphone with ease. The camera also supports audio alarms, up to 75 dB, so the sound of the alarm will be very high.

It is worth mentioning that this camera also lacks the control region of the sensor, but possible to control how sensitive the sensor itself. As there’s no possibility of identification of persons, so I won’t be able to the camera from the interaction between people and animals.

As for the way to set up the camera, they are very easy. All you have to do is download the app to your company, then open the camera application, and then do the Scan Code the QR and follow the instructions to connect to Wi-Fi etc.

Will not face any problem with audio quality with the camera, so that images appear clearly without any bodice or distortion. As for sound quality, you’ll see the angle of view of 130 ° and a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels, which makes all the details and colors are clear and excellent with high lighting conditions. As for low light conditions, it will activate the Night Vision which will provide you a clear picture but the bezel 33 feet only.

As for storage, you’ll get 10 GB for free, but there is also the possibility to subscribe to the service cloud. You can also use a microSD card for storage, but I prefer to say to the cloud because it in, this due to it’s possible the thief stole the card, the microSD.


According to the company, expect the camera’s battery can work 4 to 6 months, this is a very wonderful thing. But it’s worth noting there’s a version of this camera is available with solar panels which helps mainly not run out of battery completely. If you purchase this version, you will not need to charge the camera never.


Available Reolink Argus Pro at a price of Fairy which is 85 USD for the camera one, and if you want to get two cameras, then the price of 168 USD. If you would like get the version of the provider in the solar, it will cost it $ 180 USD.


Think Camera Reolink Argus Pro Camera Control is excellent, they provide multiple features and very practical for the price very tempting.



  • The price is very appropriate and the quality of manufacture is excellent
  • The ease of setup and pairing the pressure
  • With the standard of IP65
  • Sensor excellent movement
  • The quality of sound and picture is acceptable too


  • The lack of continuous recording
  • The lack of control the scope of the advisory

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