A review of the phone HTC U12 Life

Company introduced HTC phone U12 Plus the design is modest and screen quality medium to the side of the card to the capacity of the traditional, so I didn’t expect a lot to come phone HTC U12 Life which is the version available specifications are eye catching or give up expectations, however, and the unexpected never comes to the problems that the top version to the market.


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The design of the phone HTC U12 Life

Known company HTC’s earlier designs possible for Andre, only to the rapid development in the promotion designs of smart phones from Samsung giants China has Of course led to delayed innovations company HTC in the recent years.

However, the delayed HTC about the design innovation of the new smart phones didn’t stop HTC from launch version of modern design in the HTC phone U12 Life, where it is promoting the design trying to the versions of iPhone from the front, with the design of rectangular shape, long, large screen size, and slim in the sides of the phone, as come to the top and bottom edges also the design is relatively small.

Also picked the HTC design the glass of the phone from the back, with the design engraved in two-thirds of the lower part of the back side of the phone, while the upper third of the design of the back is glossy and reflective which also makes it prone to the appearance of fingerprints, and the glossy fingerprint sensor for HTC U12 Life.

Meets these specifications in the design of the phone to make phone HTC U12 Life comes to design as close to possible phone it to an intermediate version of the HTC Corporation, also supports this design the weight of the phone 175 grams with a thickness of the structure that up to 8.3 mm, with rounded edges representative of her husband’s phone, so offers in the end a good experience when you carry the phone in the palm of the hand.

Also among the features that come by design of the HTC U12 Life in the power button and a button to control the level of audio that comes in the side of the phone design, to provide a better experience constipation on the phone compared to the version possible with multi-touch in phone HTC U12 Plus.

Also absent from this version technical HTC that provided in the previous version which is defined by Edge Sense, but it technically won’t miss a lot with the version of HTC U12 Life.

Features phone HTC U12 Life the entrance to the earphones 3.5 mm in the upper part of the design of the phone, also featuring a USB port C at the bottom of the phone, speakers, my only one, also do not come to this version with the water resistance.

Screen HTC U12 Life

Features phone HTC U12 Life screen size of 6 inches, with dimensions of 18:9, and the accuracy of display of 1080 pixels, which is a specification that supports good brightness in the screen, with a special offer too, so don’t show in the screen any problem in the design such as extrusion of the upper for example.

The phone also comes with an LCD screen, so you won’t get the user on the colors of life possible for OLED, but will get the user to realize the color of my colours accurate, with the corners of the clear display, the user can also adjust the strength and concentration of colors in the screen according to the detailed by the slide in the settings menu.

The performance of the HTC phone U12 Life

Comes HTC U12 Life doing good as the pricing of the phone in the category of phones available, which supports this performance chip Snapdragon processor 636 which is a chip Qualcomm processor allocated to the available versions of smart phones, which is the same chip used in the Nokia 7.1, which provides in phone HTC U12 Life fast response in the open phone sensor footprint.

And the chip response is good when the application is activated in the camera by clicking twice on the power button, also won’t the user experiences the problem in the slider and in the front of the phone.

In the experience of the 3D games on the phone not the phone offers great speed in response in games, such as games PUBG, and Asphalt 9, and also the game Guns of Boom, with the refresh rate of the frames 60 frames per second, but the phone offers a good experience in other games especially with the screen that comes without extrusion of the upper which may hinder vision in some games.

Have made phone HTC U12 Life in Tests Geekbench and multi-4884 points, and tests nucleoli unilateral made the phone 1341 points, a performance by relatively less of phone Honor Play.

Software phone HTC U12 Life

Comes phone HTC U12 Life One Sense software of HTC which are definitely on the operating system of landed, where will not change the façade design to a large extent, which includes some Aloha found possible phones HTC like clock, weather, and also when you scroll to the left of the screen, will appear the main tools in the screen that provide the user a quick look at the content of the phone, where gathered the latest and most important your content in Facebook, YouTube, among other apps.

However, this feature won’t be as important as I have a lot of phone users, where some prefer to definitely get the most important thing in the content that is paid via Google directly for example.

Also among the nurses that come by phone HTC U12 Life in the application of themes which allows the user to customize the experience favorite not on the phone interface, so in the end the interface HTC Sense offers a smooth experience with the Android operating system 8.1 Oreo.

The camera in the HTC phone U12 Life

Offer HTC phone U12 Life with the settings of the double cable control of rear, with sensor 16 mega pixel camera, and 5-megapixel, with the support of technology artificial intelligence the accuracy of the details of the imaging, and also supports both cameras on your phone photography portrait, but the same level is possible for this category of phones available.

Also comes the application of the camera in the phone some of the positives and negatives, which supports the photography featured in lighting the end with the Clips is vital, but that photography in low light will not come the same experience, where some of the confusion and focus the negative in photography.

The phone supports the filming of HDR but it doesn’t come in perfect in the brightness of the lighting in the corners particularly, so this feature comes less than a level in a HTC phone U12 Plus.

While come camera front the phone U12 Life sensor 13 mega pixel camera, with imaging performance in a strong lighting in the end times in particular.

The capacity of the battery in the phone HTC U12 Life

Is the battery in the phone U12 Life of the best nurses that came from htc, where can support the user’s age charge up to two full days with the use of the main tools for the phone like voice calls, texting, or when using the media site, so support extended battery capacity of 3600 mAh user well.

Definitely don’t offer the battery the same performance in games for example, where can the some games like Guns of Boom when the refresh rate of the frames is 30 frames per second battery charging in 15 minutes with the screen brightness.

Is it worth HTC phone U12 Life purchase?

Offers phone HTC U12 Life good level of performance if what has been compared to this performance at the price of the phone, but if you compare this version to the phone U12 Plus the phone U12 Life offers performance with a modest camera does not feature level of perfect photography.

The battery is one of the most important and most powerful actresses in this version, so it may be the perfect choice in this category of phones in battery life.


May come phone HTC U12 Life lower specification version of the top U12 Plus, it comes at the implementation level with the phones available in the markets, also did not provide performance specifications and lower than expected compared to the version of the top of the company.



  • Battery support the user doing the strong and longer hair
  • Large screen design, balanced with high brightness
  • Do not come transfer of the negative points show up very clearly


  • The performance of the average
  • Camera don’t offer performance professional.
  • Interface HTC Sense you need to design a new

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