A review of the headset the wireless Jabra Elite 85h: save your money!

The company launched the Jabra wireless headset Elite 85h through this year, and apparently, these fish provide an experience audio exciting with the feature of noise isolation price is very competitive. Moreover, it is clear that the company Jabra put this fish in suitable honest, with all of the WH-1000XM3 from Sony and QuietComfort 35 IIمن Bose.

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Here’s a review of the headset the wireless Jabra Elite 85h:

Inside the box

The police brought everything you might need with this headset inside the box, the beginning of the portfolio to manufacturer of the skin which you’ll find inside the sky, even the USB-C cable and fly wire 3.5 mm and also the user manual.


Come headset Elite 85h weight of 260 grams and dimensions of 196 x 82 x 225 mm, has been manufacturing fish from a flexible plastic with a soft cloth to be comfortable and stable on the ear, given that they are flexible and can be folded easily in all directions and aspects.

It is the right side of the sky, you’ll find buttons to control extremely accurate, allowing the big button the possibility to start and stop music or answer calls, while giving the younger the possibility to control the volume.

And from the bottom, you’ll find the USB-C port which is charging the phone through it via the cable to work, this in addition to the socket AUX 3.5 mm, with button to mute your voice during calls.

You may notice we didn’t mention the play button, this is because fish do not contain the Run button. In fact, it is turn on the speaker automatically when it is put sky the two toward each other, and then is stopped again when settled. Will the music stops are also on their own when you lift the headphones for you.

Expect fish in Black Gold and blue, the most important what distinguishes them is that they are resistant to the rice water.

The sound and performance

It is designed to Jabra Elite 85h to obtain better experience of audio-ultra-wireless with the technology of Smart Sound SmartSound and you can customize the audio experience to your situation different from during the application Jabra Sound+. When you do pair your device and the application Jabra Sound}, the PUC application SmartSound intelligent air conditioning experience photos based on your settings automatically, which gives you a voice that fits your environment perfectly.

Come this headset also features noise isolation, which is in fact considered the best headphones insulation noise that can purchase them since they isolate noise effectively without any interference at all.

Containing the sky are also on the eight microphones; and two of the type ECM and six of the type MEMS. Moreover, it supports access to the audio tour one touch with all of the Alexa or the Assistant Google or Bixby or Siri.

As for sound quality, you’ll find that the sound high enough with the level of 70%, shows the image clearly to avoid among all the musical instruments with ease. As to the performance of the pump (the Bass) was fairly average, not the same power and performance Sony headset for example.

It also shows human voices (the Vocals) are excellent with this headset, as well as also calls the show clearly without any problems or Echo in the audio.

Supports headset connection Bluetooth version 5.0, with support for HSP v1.2, HFP v1.7, A2DP v1.3, AVRCP v1.6, the PBAP v1.1, the SPP v1.2. Can also be coupled wirelessly to two devices at one time.


Provide this fish card is super too, where it will continue to work up to 35 hours with 75 dB sound activated technology noise isolation. As the process of charging from zero to a hundred percent about two and a half hours only. When shipped to a charger Quick, will give you 5 hours after 15 minutes of charging.


Expect headset Jabra Elite 85h at a price of 300 USD.


Provide headset Jabra Elite 85h strong performance and excellent sound and battery the miraculous with the isolation technique works effectively, and most importantly is it is Cheaper Than Its Competitors with a total price of $ 300.



  • Battery superhero
  • Technically excellent insulation
  • Comfortable and stable on the ear
  • Clear sound


  • A bit heavy compared to competitors
  • The performance of the Bass is not the best.

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