A review of the game A Way Out

Playing video games can be in splendid isolation. But when you pass the storyline campaign with a friend, get that feeling of a completely different nature. Another thing is that the cooperative games, which can be taken together from beginning to end, the last time fewer. Most often, developers are offering us the MMO-projects, which are simultaneously played by thousands of users, and it’s not quite what I had in mind in speaking of the passage of the joint plot. However, miracles do happen. And one such miracle called A Way Out, I’d really like to tell you about today.

Game: A Way Out
Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows
Genre: Action, Adventure
Release date: 23 Mar 2018
Developer: Hazelight Studios
Publisher: Electronic Arts

I don’t know about you, but I really like movies like “the Shawshank redemption”, “the Prisoner of If castle”, “law Abiding citizen”, “the Rock” and television series “prison break”. In other words, carefully planned escapes of prisoners from jails. I think that I have not the prison theme, and how creative and purposeful you can be cornered people. To associate themselves with these characters I would not like. Of course! Who in their right mind would want to end up in jail? But to play a video game, which takes place in prison – why not?

The Swedish independent Studio Hazelight Studios for all time of its existence managed to release only one game — Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Innovative cooperative gameplay, where two characters were controlled by one person, came critics and gamers to taste. The head of the Studio Yousef fares realized that felt very promising mechanics and decided to develop it for their next game called A Way Out. As a publisher simulator escaping from prison was made by the company EA. So the producers liked the idea of future games that they have given the developers full creative freedom and even refused to share the profits from sales. Phenomenon for the gaming industry are incredibly rare.

The story tells us about two characters who find themselves behind bars for various reasons. Vincent Moretti sat down for a murder he did not commit, and Leo Caruso were in prison during a failed robbery. After our heroes meet, it turns out that in a correctional institution they were at fault of the same man – a crime boss named Harvey. Heroes come to the right decision: to organize the escape from prison and take revenge on her abuser. No sooner said than done. The player will go along with Vincent and Leo through the seven circles of hell before they will be able to implement his plan. So here?

The gameplay looks extremely unusual. You see both characters in a split screen (“split screen”). Unlike Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons can manage exclusively the two of us, so you have to play together with his friend sitting on the same couch or over a Network. It is surprising that EA allows you to play together with a friend remotely even if the copy of the game purchased only one of you. In other words, you start the game you purchased, and the second player downloads the it demo, then two can play that game without any serious restrictions. Except that, the saving progress is stored only on the holder of the purchased version. But it’s not a big problem if you think about it.

Jailbreak not requiring the organizers of discipline and the presence of carefully adjusted plan. Absolutely seemingly simple tasks, like unscrewing unit built into the wall of the chamber of the toilet, turned into a fascinating quest. While you are working with a screwdriver, your friend needs to watch the movement of guards in the corridors and in advance to warn of their dangerous proximity. If suddenly you need to get the wrench will have to show the wonders of ingenuity, to divert workers of the prison workshop, and then discreetly carry the tool through a metal detector. Such tasks before players come up with an enviable constancy, but they have to solve solely through joint efforts.

The game is always trying to please us with new and new mechanics. For example, if the hero is necessary to climb anywhere without a ladder, they have to stand each other backs, coupled with his elbows and, resting his feet in the wall step by step move up. At some point you will have to hide in the Laundry basket, which past the guards to roll your partner. Do not think that the game is solely limited to the prison blocks. No. After you still be able to carry out an escape, the heroes will face new challenges. After all, they will start a real hunt. Will have to hide in the woods to get their food, Rob other people’s houses to survive, and to escape from the custody of the law.

A Way Out skillfully juggles game genres and unexpected plot twists, and then tossing you all-new mini-attractions. Here you are with a teammate disabling two police officers, attacked them from behind, and after a second shot from the car chasing you while the fellow conducts a stolen pickup truck. Of the fight with a QTE mini-game in the style of Guitar Hero, but only with a banjo and a piano, cooperative fishing, repairing the car – all this and more harmoniously woven into the plot and interestingly enough is implemented by the Swedish developers. Bored you just do not have.

Visually, the game is not enough stars in the sky. All looks pretty good, but we cannot say that the graphical component of A Way Out distinguishes it from other contemporary projects. Sometimes the eye catches the low detail environment, and in some places you will note insufficient character animation. On the other hand, the game consistently will delight you with spectacular views, intense action scenes and beautifully choreographed scene clips. In General, distracted by the graphical flaws, you simply will not be time. So what is important is whether this disadvantage is enough to ruin your impression of the game? I don’t think.

To serious disadvantages of the project, I would include built-in voice chat. Using it me and a buddy constantly faced with numerous challenges. The voice snapped, crackled, sounded like from the barrel, and at times disappeared for a while. I don’t know who is responsible for the quality of voice communication in the game, but my friend quickly decided to switch to a standard voice chat to the PlayStation under the name “Party”. Our voices sounded great, that solved the problem once and for all. Also in the game there are quite serious bugs. For example, at some point, it so happened that my friend just could not advance further in the story, so I had to start from the last save. Someone. probably refers to the disadvantages of short duration of the game, but eight hours is a very, very decent, especially considering the low budget of this indie project.


  • Interesting plot, constantly delighting with unexpected twists.
  • Varied gameplay, not allowing you get bored.
  • The game can go together with a friend, sitting with him on the same sofa.
  • Very competent and appropriate use of technology split screen.
  • You can play together using only one copy of the game.
  • A huge number of various mini-games.


  • Built-in voice chat is disgusting.
  • There are serious bugs and glitches.

A Way Out – a wonderful example of how, even with a small budget you can create a truly exciting game. Of course, in many ways, the project attracts players for its innovation, and the ability to play together with a friend, having bought only one copy. But otherwise the game is also wonderful: plot, gameplay, and characters, and visuals – all at a very decent level. If you have a worthy partner with whom you are willing to spend 8-10 hours along, don’t dawdle! Immediately get A Way Out without any doubt and have her fun. I put the game 9 out of 10.

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