A preliminary version leaked of Android Q hint for coming with the development of computer ” Desktop Mode “


In recent years, enabling developers at XDA forum Developers apparently get a copy of an initial suite of Android-Q, based on their findings, it appears that one of the features that will arrive with this new version of Android is night mode at the operating system level completely. However, it turns out that there is another feature that will come with Android Q, this feature is the ability to convert the phone to put the computer when you are connecting it with an external monitor.

Been reached after the monitoring, a new option in the developers put the ” Developer Option ” named ” Force Desktop Mode “. Unfortunately, details regarding this situation are scarce at the moment, but the description says : ” the imposition of a desktop computer demo screen the secondary. “ However, based on the name, it has stopped the developers at XDA Devlopers to be similar to what I tried Samsung do with the supplement Samsung DeX, or feature EMUI Easy Projection in Phones Huawei leading.

Basically, it looks like Put was developed by company Google lets users turn their smart phones to desktop computers when it is linked with external monitors, which means you won’t need to supplement Samsung DeX to use this situation as it should be available on any Android phone Q or higher version. Of course, this feature will be very useful for users, though they make Google appear in the image are a little confusing.

System ChromeOS is operating system platform from Google Inc for the computers in the time allocated by the system Android for smartphones. While the development of a computer-will undoubtedly be useful, so what does that mean for the system ChromeOS is? Premature to know what you are doing this feature, so maybe we’ll put more of the playoffs, but hopefully we get more details about this feature soon.

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