A picture leaked won’t be the Galaxy S10 Lite with screen frame variety

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite

Depends phone Galaxy S10 Lite interesting because it will be the only phone in the series phones Galaxy S10 Series, which will feature a flat-screen. And the curved edges in the other models to make the screen frame seems smaller. However, the picture that has been posted today by the Chinese warrior famous Ice Universe reveal to us that the flat screen of the phone Galaxy S10 Lite die Device Framework is extremely diverse.

As you can see, there under the prominent transmitting screen phone Galaxy S10 Lite, but this frame is designed to be diverse on all four aspects of the company through the use of a hole at the level of the screen to accommodate the front camera allowing the company to reduce the upper frame in order to free up more space for the company.

Most other smartphones with a hole at the level of the screen or power cut in the middle part of the upper frame protruding slightly at the bottom. Even phone Galaxy A8S announced by Samsung recently suffering from this thing. The reason is that the screen needs to be tied to the motherboard behind it, so do it in a limited space is difficult and expensive. Apple is the only one that managed to do so even now.

Anyway, the phone Galaxy S10 Lite will sensor fingerprint in the side as seen in some of the images that was leaked at the end of last week. Moreover, it will feature dual camera in the rear in a horizontal position, as it will keep the port clear of 3.5 mm.



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